Winnipeg Moving Companies: Why You Should Get A Referral Before Hiring One


Hiring a Moving Company: Don’t Fly Blind

I just went to visit clients who had recently moved into their new home.  I asked them “How did the move go”, remembering that I had recommended one of the Winnipeg Moving Companies I personally know and trust.

Turns out they did not use my recommended mover, but hired a couple of small guys who promised to have a lot of sympathy.


Here was their experience:

  1. The bill was substantially larger than the initial estimate (a common scam in the moving industry )
  2. Some of their stuff got damaged, and most disturbing of all
  3. $180 cash disappeared out of the lady’s purse

Calling the company directly got absolutely no results, leaving a frustrated client.

Why you should get a referral

Especially in industries which are as unregulated as Moving Companies, asking your real estate agent for a referral is important (Same goes for Landscapers, Mortgage Brokers and numerous other services).  If my clients had used my recommended movers, here would have been the outcome:

A: None of the above would have happened, or

B: They could have called me to rectify the problem, which I would have done, or

C: I’d never be recommending THAT mover again, which would cost them money in the long run

If you need a referral for a Mover, HVAC, Electrician, Landscaper, Mortgage Broker, or any one of  dozen different services, call me anytime….  Bo  204-333-2202




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