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CommentLuv for real estate

Creating a real estate blogging community with CommentLuv

I love blogging, and what it can do to help my efforts to promote my business, my clients homes and condos, and my image.  Let’s be honest, though:  getting people to ‘like’ or comment on a real estate blog is tough.  It helps if you reward them for their efforts when commenting.  This is where the plugin CommentLuv comes in.   I HAD installed this commenting system back in 2014, but over the years, it had fallen into disrepair and not been maintained. That has recently changed.

There is a new owner of this plugin, as evidenced by their active facebook page. The free version of the plugin, which is totally adequate (read: no costs needed) for most bloggers’ purposes, has been upgraded and appears to work fine.

Here is what that looks like:

The beautiful thing is that the commenter does not need to have the plug-in, so anyone can benefit from commenting on your blog.

Blogging with Commentluv

Advantages of Comment-Luv

Over the years, I’ve tried several commenting systems. Some are pretty, some are easier to use, some are good for SEO and some are bad.

I’ve learned a few things over time:

  • Most people need to know W.I.I.F.M.?
  • It’s hard to get ‘real’ and meaningful comments
  • It’s even harder to get comments that help SEO

The CommentLuv plugin solves these issues. Here is how:

By easily allowing the commenter to add their latest post with a ‘do-follow’ attribute, it entices them to comment on your site.

By creating a community of like-minded bloggers, these comments should be relevant to your own topic matter, thereby enhancing your post and your SEO.

Unlike some plugins, commentluv comments appear in the pages source code, meaning they are added to the page’s content as far as google is concerned. Free content for you!

CommentLuv for real estate commentluv
CommentLuv comments are added to the page source.

More comments = more action on your blog and better for your google rankings.


I’m looking to establish a community of real estate bloggers who HAVE the plugin.  That way, we can comment and share each others posts with our own readers, and always create backlinks at the same time.  SO if you’re a real estate agent, lawyer, mortgage broker, renovator, contractor, handyman, mover, etc etc.  who blogs and has the comment-luv plugin, please let me know. I intend to create a list of blogs which:

  1. Are Real Estate Industry related
  2. Have the Comment-Luv system installed

And will display this list below. To get added to this list, simply do this:

  • Comment below and…
  • Register yourself and…
  • Add your latest or best post to the comment

I’ve set the plugin to give ‘Do-Follow’ attribution to any commenter who has registered here.

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