4 Tips For Bringing Live-Edge Wood Furniture Into Your Décor

If you have been searching for ways to add unique pieces of furniture to your home, such as those depicting the beauty of nature, you likely came across live edge wood furnishings. Live-edge woods differ from other types of woods since they retain their natural edge and appearance.

Live-edge wood furniture can liven up a room and create a specific mood in a home, making your interior décor feel alive. From wall hangings and shelves to tabletops and countertops, live-edge slabs demonstrate your admiration for nature’s untouched beauty and your design creativity. They also go a long way toward making your house into a luxury home, communicating a sense of elegance and good taste.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate live-edge wood furniture into your interior, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for bringing live-edge wood furniture into your décor.

As Tabletops

A common use for live-edge wood is in material for tabletops. Live-edge wood slabs can easily be cut as round coffee tables or rectangular dining room tables. Since dining tables offer family members and visitors a place to meet and talk, a live-edge wood table can make the area feel even more inviting and alive.

As Desk Spaces

Live-edge slabs can also be used to make desktops. Whether you want to create a home office or enjoy an additional workspace, you can utilize the versatility of live-edge wood to create a study area at home or the workplace.


With more people now working from home and schools implementing distance learning, there’s a need for additional individual spaces in your home. You don’t have to go big to create a reading or working atmosphere in a room. A small live edge wood desk can add more vibrancy and texture to a space than a fiberboard desk.

As Kitchen Countertops

If you want to create a rustic look or have a touch of natural wood in your kitchen, you can replace your outdated countertops with live-edge wood. If you have an open kitchen plan, make sure to match your countertops with your island table and dining room table to create a coordinated space.

As Shelves and Extra Storage

In addition to being used as tabletops, live-edge wood is often used to create wine racks and extra storage space.

You can also create a nightstand in the bedroom or create a board using live-edge wood. These items can make excellent accent pieces in bedrooms.

We hope the above tips for bringing live edge wood furniture into your décor have given you an idea of how you can give your home’s interior a touch of natural beauty.

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