6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy

6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy

Even though you feel how a certain house is a perfect fit for you, it doesn't mean you should listen to your instinct only. Also, maybe you really are a thorough person who knows their way around house works, but it's not the same as when a home inspector comes and checks out the house in a way you never would. One of the usual contract contingencies is home inspection – that is why it's a highly recommended thing to do. Here are 6 reasons why you should find a reliable home inspector if youre thinking of buying a home:
6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy home inspection

1. A Home Inspection is completely affordable

Price of hiring a home inspector is nothing compared to the price of the house you are thinking of buying. It's usually somewhere between $300-$600 – pennyworth for your peace of mind. Some people choose to waive their right to home inspection if there's a multiple offer situation. It means there are several different offers for the house, and the seller will probably sell the house to the buyer who doesn't need a home inspection. This is a big risk, so think twice if you ever find yourself in this situation.

2. Avoiding anxiety

6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy home inspection

Even though if the house looks like there isn't one thing wrong with it, don't waive the right to a home inspection. If you refuse the inspection, it probably means you'll start feeling anxious at some point later, thinking how you should have done differently. You'll be worrying every time a sign of a problem occurs, doubting it was something that could have been prevented.

3. Determining pest and insect problems

Depending on the location of the house, the chance of having problems with pests and insects will vary. Termites and carpenter ants are the most common pests that destroy wood and make shocking damages. Termites alone are responsible for five billion dollars of annual damage of properties. According to Pestworks, some home inspections do not include a check for pests and insects, so you need to check with your real estate agent what you can expect from the inspection. If not, make your own research on pest inspection companies in the vicinity.  Often, home inspections will also uncover mould problems.

4. Check for safety issues

6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy home inspection

If you hire a home inspector, he will definitely find some issues with the house if he's really good at his job. Some issues that will be discovered are common and could easily be fixed and they shouldn't influence your decision to purchase the house, such as bad electrical wiring or inoperable windows. On the other hand, there are serious safety issues that would jeopardize the whole deal and it's of utter importance you identify them.

5. Identify structural issues

Structural issues could cost you thousands afterward, so be aware that some home inspectors are engineers, and those are the ones you should be looking for. A professional engineer will notice if there are any serious cracks in ceilings, walls or the foundation walls, saving you a from a lot of headaches and a loss of money in the future.

6. Predicting future issues

6 Top Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before You Buy home inspection

A good home inspector can predict quite precisely which house elements or parts will need a replacement soon. If he determines that the roof is close to its life expectancy, you can start saving money when the time comes. This doesn't have to jeopardize the purchase; it's just a good way of preparing yourself for future unavoidable expenses.


Having a home inspection is the right of every buyer. It's not just about using every right that you have as a buyer but also to make sure that you are giving an enormous amount of money for something you want to be solid and reliable throughout many years to come.

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