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Saturday, December 16, 2017
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page

Closing Costs when buying a house or condo in Winnipeg

Closing Costs when buying a house or condo in . Especially if you are a first time home buyer (or condo buyer) this information is for you.
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page

Home Buyer Agent: Why Home Buyers should have their own agent

Home buyers should have their own real estate buyer agent when buying a house or condo. Here are 7 reasons why buyers should have their own agent.
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page

Buying a house or condo in Winnipeg in 2018: 6 Important Steps

Buying a house or condo is likely the largest financial step you will ever take. Here are 6 steps and a video to help prepare you for the journey.
Winnipegs Real Estate News Front Page

Buying a Home in Winnipeg – The Complete Guide A-Z

Buying a home in ? Check this extensive, definitive guide for home and condo buyers in our market.

Buying a Condo in Winnipeg: Condo Fees vs. House Expenses

Thinking of buying a condo in Winnipeg? Condo fees get a bad rap. We need to realize that some of the items which are included in a condo fee would cost more money in a stand alone house.

Special Report – Winnipeg Condo Market – August 2017 –...

Special Winnipeg Condo Market Report. Shows sales, listings & expired listing stats. Updated Monthly. All condo styles and price ranges in Winnipeg.

Ashdown Warehouse Condos – 167 Bannatyne Ave – Winnipeg Condo Community

Ashdown Warehouse Condominiums were built in Winnipeg bet. 1895 and 1911. 106 , exposed brick, loft-style, high ceilings, 900-1700 sq ft.

Copperstone Estates – Island Shore Blvd – Winnipeg Condo Community

Spotlight on: Copperstone Estates Located in popular Island Lakes in the south end of Winnipeg, Copperstone Estates Condos offer the best of condo-living.  Semi-attached homes...

Sky 1 Waterfront Condos in the Exchange District – Winnipeg Condo...

Spotlight on: Sky I Waterfront Condos Located along scenic Waterfront Dr. in Winnipeg, we find the Sky I Waterfront condos.  This modern, all concrete building...

Quiz: Is a Condo the right option for you – Condo...

Condo life is not for everyone. But for the right person, it may offer a perfect solution. Are you suited to living in a condo? Take the and find out.

Most Popular Reading

Keystone Matrix® real estate search tool for Winnipeg REALTORS® (Video)

To help home buyers in their search for a house or condo in Winnipeg, Winnipeg REALTORS® have developed a new search tool. Keystone Matrix® is a powerful search system with many benefits for home buyers in Winnipeg.


Luxury Living in Winnipeg

Custom Winnipeg Luxury Homes Report – December 2017 – Updated

Winnipeg Market Report. Shows sales, listings and expired listing stats on in Winnipeg. Updated Monthly, about homes and condos over the half million dollar mark.

Condo For Sale – Royalwood Estates – Townhome Style – Bo...

Sorry, this home is no longer available.  But please don't leave empty-handed.  We have several options for you: If you're just looking for similar listings,...

Winnipeg Luxury Homes Market Report for September 2016

What is the Winnipeg Luxury Home Market like right now? Is it a buyers market or sellers market in the 500K + range of houses in Winnipeg?

Buying A Luxury House: 9 Things You Should Know

If you're interested in buying a luxury house, this post is for you. This is definitely an exciting time for buyers who are shopping for high-end...

5 Must-Have Features You Should Look For In A Luxury House

Thinking of moving up to a larger, more luxurious home? Here is a list of features to look for that will set your home apart.

Luxury Home Listings in Winnipeg

available in Winnipeg This Winnipeg MB Single Family property is currently priced at $1,199,900.00, has 4 bedrooms, 4.00 bathrooms, 2916 square feet and...

Home Improvement Tips

Simple solutions to common landscaping issues

Simple solutions to common problems . There's one in every neighborhood - the house with the bright green grass, perfectly trimmed shrubs and flowers in...

General Market Info

Nooks For Canucks: Buying Urban or Rural Homes

Canada is one of the best places in the world to be, right now. As a country, it’s blazing the social trail to make...

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