Mortgage Payment Calculator for Winnipeg House and Condo Buyers


Whether you are looking to buy a house, a condo, or to refinance a current home, you’ll want to know how much your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payment will be.  Here is a valuable tool to get that answer: a mortgage payment calculator.  Here are a few tips for using this calculator:

If you are buying a house or condo

As you may have heard, new mortgage rules are in effect as of October 2016.  Under these new rules, if a buyer is putting down less than 20% on the home, he/she will have to qualify at a higher rate (posted rate around 4.6%).

But this calculator will figure out how much your mortgage payment will be at any rate you plug into it.  So simply plug in the total mortgage amount, select the payment period (monthly, every two weeks, etc)  and chose the mortgage rate.  Current discount rates run from around 2.4% to 2.75%.

If you are re-financing

If you are a home-owner whose mortgage is up for renewal, remember that you are NOT obligated to simply renew with the current lender.  In fact, often it will be financially beneficial to switch to another lender.  Not sure what to do?  Contact me for a referral.

Compare home owning to renting

By using this mortgage payment calculator, you can figure out your potential payment and compare it to your current rent.  You will most likely find that your can own a home (house or condo) for less than your current rent.  Also, check here for the complete picture about the costs of home ownership.


If you’re thinking of buying a house or condo in Winnipeg, call me anytime to book a free, no obligation home buying consultation.

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  1. I really love this Mortgage Payment Calculator and i see that most of the mortgage provider don’t want that people could know about this! So thanks for this and i have also rated this post as 5 STAR!

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  2. This is good that you supplying this information to the public. Many people are caught up in the vicious cycle of renting and fail to realize that with just a bit more planning they could graduate to home ownership. Now I do realize that situations vary and some people are just not ready to own a home, but I think many people are and just think it’s beyond their reach. This is where professional guidance from a realtor such as yourself becomes invaluable.

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