Wherever You Roam, Make Sure You're Covered

Check List to complete before you travel

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If you’re an adventure-seeker like Indiana Jones, maybe you’re planning to spend your vacation touring the Jordanian desert on horseback, or searching for lost Incan treasure in the jungles of Peru, or perhaps you’ll slow things down by escaping to a white-sand beach in the Dominican. Wherever you plan your next adventure, make sure to follow this checklist:

• Tell a trusted friend or family-member about your plans and ask them to keep an eye on your place while you’re away

• Secure your home and turn off the water

• Cancel the newspapers


• Forward or stop mail delivery

• Make photocopies of your travel and personal documents for yourself and the trusted friend or family-member as a precaution

• If you’re driving to your destination, find out if you need supplemental car insurance

• Find out if you need to update your shots

• Let your bank and credit card company know about your travel plans to avoid any confusion or service disruption


• Most important, buy travel insurance!

Travel Insurance

Interestingly, a recent survey on travel insurance conducted by Desjardins Financial Security found that close to one in four Canadian travelers aren’t planning on purchasing travel insurance. And that’s despite the fact that 91% agreed that their personal safety is vitally important when they travel.

“If safety is important to Canadians, it’s not clear why so many do not properly prepare for the unexpected when they travel,” said François Morel, insurance sales consultant with Desjardins Financial Security. “For example, treating an uncomplicated lower leg or arm fracture in a US hospital could cost well in excess of $10,000 for an uninsured patient. Removal of the appendix, another common and unpredictable procedure, costs an average of $33,000.”

“Regardless of whether you’re out of the country for a day or for several weeks, accidents or illnesses happen all the time and it’s best to be prepared,” said Morel. “Hospital stays abroad can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. So, it’s best to take a few minutes to buy reliable travel insurance coverage.”

Here are some things to remember when buying travel insurance:

It’s convenient: It can be bought on the internet or by phone.


It’s flexible: You’ll find the right policy that suits your needs based on your age, health situation and trip duration.

It’s reliable: Coverage provides 24/7 medical assistance support so you know you can count on someone in case of an emergency.


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Wherever you roam, make sure you're covered

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