Simple 5 Step Process To Declutter Your Home


Let’s be honest: The bigger our homes are, the more ‘stuff’ we accumulate.  I’ve been there!  It sneaks up on us.  Our thinking goes: “I might need that stuff someday”. But when we’re getting ready to sell our home, whether to downsize or to move to another province, it really hits us.  We need to declutter before we can put the home on the market, but where to start?

Our friends at AC Bros. Moving Co have come up with an outline, a blue-print to help us declutter our home.  Enjoy, and remember, if you’re looking to sell your house or condo in Winnipeg, call the real estate agent who knows how to market your home.

Best Steps to Declutter Your Home

Infographic showing the 5 main steps to help us declutter our house or condo
Infographic to help us declutter our homes

Infographic By A&C Bros Moving

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