3 Powerful Tips To Sustainable Upgrades For Your Home

Sustainable Upgrades For Your Home

Sustainable Upgrades That Can Maximize Your Property’s Resale Value

As the owner of a high-end property, you know that it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of trends, especially if you are considering selling your home at some point for the highest dollar amount possible. You likely realize that people will pay more when they see a house that is not only physically attractive but one that also appeals to their ethics and way of life. For that reason, you need to start thinking about creating a home that helps the owner to prioritize sustainable living.

If you are planning on relocating soon, then you need to start thinking about upgrades that you can make around the home today that will create a sustainable environment and improve the resale value so you can make top-dollar when it comes time to sell. Let's talk about the importance of eco-friendly upgrades and how to get started.

Sustainable renovations

Sustainable upgrades add value to your home

Sustainable Upgrades: Now and in the Future

If you are still not convinced that having a sustainable property will increase your home value, then you just need to look at the numbers. Studies show that 81% of consumers believe it is essential for us to have a positive impact on our planet, and that translates over to the real estate market. According to Freddie Mac, houses with energy-efficient upgrades can sell for 2.7% more than houses without these essential perks. Plus, they found that buyers are drawn to properties that feature Energy Star-rated appliances, windows, and roof shingles.

In addition to installing low-flow water faucets and energy-efficient appliances, you should also think about what the future holds and how technology will transform the way we live. It is all about how you can future-proof your home to suit the buyers of tomorrow. Examples of this phenomenon include installing charging stations for electric cars and integrating automated locks on doors. You can also continue this trend around your home and help to conserve energy by installing smart appliances.

One piece of future tech that you should certainly have in your home is a smart thermostat. We often waste so much energy when we turn the heater up too high in the winter and the air conditioning too low in the summer. May households even leave these HVAC systems running when nobody is home. A smart thermostat can solve this issue because you can set it so it runs at certain times of the day while you are out. It is a nice perk that potential buyers will love.

Be Smart About Light

When considering sustainable upgrades, it is also important to think about how you utilize light. The first and easiest change you can make in this regard is to replace your current incandescent lighting with LED bulbs, which will not only last longer but will also reduce your electric bill. You can further reduce lighting costs by taking advantage of the natural light that you get from large windows. A home office is another way to increase your home value and by placing that workspace in a room with plenty of windows, you'll be able to see your work clearly while eliminating the need to turn on lights during the day.

Of course, the best way to reduce your utility costs and eliminate unnecessary waste is to install solar panels. This technology is great because you will still get the electricity that your home needs to thrive, but you and future owners will pay half of the cost to illuminate the home, and you'll help the planet at the same time. Many experts frown upon our dependence on electric companies because the power needed to create that energy requires the release of greenhouse gasses and air pollution. With solar panels, you will reduce that dependency.

When you buy and place solar panels on your roof, you are essentially putting up a billboard that shows your community and potential buyers that you care about the environment and that your home is clean and sustainable. The other great part about solar panels is that they are often purchased via a payment plan, and if you pay off those panels before you sell the home, then the new buyers are almost getting their energy for free. Talk about a great way to boost your resale value.

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Sustainable Construction

While there are plenty of energy-efficiency bells and whistles that will increase your property's resale value, the actual construction of your home can also be very alluring. For starters, if you have an older home, then it may be time to upgrade your windows. If they have seen better days, then they are likely not sealed as well as they once were, and because of that, your heat and air conditioning can often leak outside and waste essential energy.

For the best outcome and value, consider windows with vinyl frames that will not only look nice and require very little maintenance but will also provide superior insulation so you can keep the heat and cool air inside. It is also a good idea to update your front door. Not only will a nice door help to improve your curb appeal, but when properly installed, it will also prevent energy leakage.

Finally, you should also consider the condition of your roof. If it has been 10-20 years since your roof was installed, then there is a chance that there has been some deterioration which leads to leakage. If you have the budget, consider having it replaced with tile or asphalt shingles, both of which will look great and improve your energy efficiency. On top of that, listing the fact that your home has a brand new roof will surely excite potential buyers.

As you can see, there are many sustainable upgrades that you can make to your home to reduce your costs now and ensure a higher resale value in the future. Consider implementing a few of these tips, and help your bottom line while improving the planet in the process.

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