Making Your Home Super Chic


Whether youโ€™re planning to put your home on the market, rent your apartment or become an Airbnb host, itโ€™s important that you appeal to your target buyers or tenants. Aside from improving the general condition of your property, you also need to boost its visual appeal. Tenants, travellers and homebuyers will rather choose properties that will not only provide them with comfortable living conditions, but also inspire them with their design. Therefore, you should try out several creative ideas to create a chic, beautiful look that will turn your property into a trendy valuable hub.

Making Your Home Super Chic super chic home

Start with a fresh, clean base

When in doubt, itโ€™s always a great idea to start fresh. Creating a clean, new base will allow you to take on a different perspective and give your space completely new appeal. You can easily achieve this by giving your property a thorough scrub and then removing clutter completely. This will open up your space and create a better flow. You can also rearrange some furniture and find a layout that suits your space.
Painting your interior is another simple, yet effective way to introduce a sense of novelty into your property. You can go with a subtle colour scheme โ€“ neutrals are a classic, timeless choice that appeals to the greatest number of people. Of course, you can take a different approach to your neutrals and choose some more stylish neutral hues, such ivory, taupe, tan, mint, etc.

Bring in some colour

Adding some colour to create a super chic home
Adding some colour to create a super chic home

Once youโ€™ve created an understated backdrop, you can add a pop of colour that will create visual interest in your property. You donโ€™t have to go overboard, but simply use one or two dark or vibrant shades for accent details. A feature dark wall can stand perfectly against a neutral backdrop, creating a striking, stylish contrast. 

Dress up your windows

The moment you add stylish treatments to your windows, your space will gain a deeper, more textured look. You have a range of options when it comes to curtain designs, colours and patterns, but make sure to pick those that will complement the rest of the space. If you want to create a more elegant look, you should go with long curtains that will slightly puddle on the floor. This is a suitable option for the bedroom, living room and dining room since it will create a more luxurious, formal look.

Embellish your floors

Area rugs are one of the most stylish accessories that you can bring into your property. They will allow you to implement different colours and patterns that will complement your neutral colour scheme. In addition, your space will feel cosier and more comfortable once you introduce plush and soft area rugs. You can even use them in unexpected places, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, which will give these areas a truly elegant flair.

Pay special attention to the bedroom

Designing your bedroom for your super chic home
Designing your bedroom for your super chic home

The master bedroom should exude relaxation, serenity and style. Every element that you include should add to the comfort and appeal of this sanctuary. You should get rid of clutter and create a tranquil atmosphere while also including stylish elements that will elevate bedroom dรฉcor. The master bed should be used as a stunning focal point, so make sure to check out some king beds. After choosing the best one for your room, dress it up and accentuate its design. This is the perfect opportunity to merge functionality with aesthetics and introduce a fabulous double bed with storage that will dominate the room. This solution will help you maintain a clutter-free atmosphere while also creating an elegant, chic look, especially if you opt for a design with a headboard. Afterwards, you just need to embellish it with trendy cushions and throws for a cosy vibe.

Decorate with art

Even a single painting can elevate your propertyโ€™s dรฉcor to a whole new level. Artwork is always a beautiful way to embellish a space and give it unique appeal and an authentic personality. There are plenty of ways to decorate with art, from creating a gallery wall to letting a single oversized painting stand out. You can also experiment with the arrangement and placement of art pieces in your space. Furthermore, you can choose specific motifs and themes for a cohesive look or use ornate frames to further accentuate your inspiring artwork.

Introduce greenery

Adding greenery to create your super chic home
Adding greenery to create your super chic home

Indoor plants will make your property infinitely more enjoyable, stylish and appealing. They will help you liven up your space and give it a beautiful, natural flair. For a chic appeal, you should go with big leafy plants with natural patterns. You can also decorate your surfaces with nothing more than just a vase of fresh flowers that will add a splash of colour to your space and fill it with beautiful scents.

You can turn your property into a truly chic haven by introducing just a few simple, creative ideas.

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