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Investing In Smart Home Technology – Smart Home Trends

As the real estate industry becomes more competitive than ever, it becomes important for owners to keep furnishing their homes with the latest smart home trends. The last couple of years were all about energy efficiency which motivated manufacturers to launch improved windows, upgraded roofs, better insulation and- most innovating, smart home devices.

Nowadays, energy efficiency (reduce energy consumption) ultimately merged with smart technology, so the emphasis is now on home automation and monitoring. These two provide households with way more convenience, comfort, energy savings, and security.

Therefore, 21st-century buyers demand 21st style home; smart properties sell faster and at a higher cost. So, it is highly recommended for sellers to explore smart home investing.

Biggest Smart Home Trends

Various reports and studies showed that more than half of home buyers would choose home upgraded by smart technology over a conventional housing. Smart buildings and homes spent notably less time on the market as consumers seek specifically for modern, automated properties. Smart is not only for those flush with cash. Even buyers on the budget realize how profitable smart solutions can save money in the coming years.

smart home trends

Smart Home Trends for 2023

Smart Home Technologies; what to invest in?

Here are a few items to consider when upgrading your current home, or building a new one:

  • Smart Speakers
  • Video Doorbell
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart Plugs
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Kitchens
  • Smart Alarm Systems
  • Other Smart Devices and Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing main pros of smart products is effortless. Let's face it; smart thermostats offer not only prominent energy savings but upgraded comfort. They monitor temperature and humidity outdoors and adjust homes temperature according to collected data. All that- and they can be controlled via your smartphone!

For instance, smart doorbells or smart security cameras allow homeowners to know and see who is approaching their property even when they are on vacation. This is incredibly convenient and helpful when children start being on their own while parents are working.

Another useful improvement are smart locks that are controlled by voice commands and not by key or hands. Smart locks send automatic info to homeowners smartphone about who entered or left their home.

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Smart lights, automatic water sprinklers, and intelligent cooling, heating, ventilation system/HVAC also represent highly energy efficient options, reducing energy usage. Smart lighting accommodates intensity of light to the outside daylight which results in better convenience and money savings. Therefore, even the smallest smart home improvements provide a premium home upgrade.

Smart Home Solutions: How much does it all cost?

When it comes to furnishing home with smart features, there are major differences between each upgrade. Therefore, it all depends on what homeowners prefer. A smart thermostat can cost just below 100 dollars while the intelligent, smart system is an investment of about 300 dollars.

Smart Home Trends include lighting and sound systems

Smart Home Trends include lighting and sound systems

These recommend affordable smart options that will last for a long time and be profitable from that point of view.

On the other hand, there are upgrades worth thousands of dollars. Complete home automation can take tens thousands of dollars. However, you don't need to make your entire home one big system in order to get the best of technology. This is why smart tech is considered flexible- it can be modified to everyone's possibilities and needs.

Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are major players in the smart home industry, and part of the internet of things, and a great way to get started. Both of these are central hubs for smart home systems, and help you create a connected home.

This is only the beginning of smart home technology. The offer has broadened significantly over the last couple of years, so now when internet connectivity is at its peak, we can expect a lot more. Smart technology will alter not only our lives ( which it already did to some degree) but many industry and commerce fields.

Real estate is no different; the smart homes market will continue to enjoy market growth, to push sellers to invest into smart products as buyers seek automated homes more and more in the near future. The competition might be higher, but it is easy to stand out as there is an abundance of smart technology options– the effect will be noticeable if you equip the property with solar panels,

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FAQ about smart home trends

Q: What does the future of smart homes look like?

A: Mordor Intelligence calculates that the smart home market in 2021 was valued at $79.13 billion and is expected to grow to $313.95 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.3%. For more, check this excellent article on the reasons by this growth.

Q: How do you make a smart home in 2023?

A: A simple way to start is to invest in smart home security and smart home appliances. Other smart home gadgets like lights, temperature control and stereo voice control will make daily tasks easier.

Q: Who are the key players in the smart home market?

A: The best known key smart home platforms are Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. But an emerging player is Govee, maker of remote control lights and temperature sensors. Other players include Apple, Samsung Smart Things, IKEA and Texas Instruments.


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