6 Sustainability Interior Design Trends For Homes

Design Trends With Sustainability

Sustainability has become one of the most important goals for modern interior design trends. There are numerous ways to introduce environmentally-friendly changes to a space and keep environmental impact to a minimum. New innovations are introduced constantly, and keeping up with them can help create the healthiest and most eco-friendly interior spaces.

2021 Interior Design Trends with sustainability

2021 Interior Design Trends with sustainability

What Is Sustainability in Interior Design?

The point of sustainability is to mitigate negative effects on the environment, whether it's on an individual level or on the level of an entire industry. Its main goals are to minimize waste, create a healthy environment, and reduce the use of non-renewable resources. It should come as no surprise that there can be improvements in sustainability in interior design, as all three are doable goals in this artistic process.

Sustainable design is worth looking into for a multitude of reasons. Not only does it affect the carbon footprint of an individual or business, but it also helps influence further sustainable solutions. By showing the practical application of these solutions and how they can benefit us, it's possible to create more support for further action. With clever and inspirational home designs that utilize sustainable solutions, designers can inspire their clients to support further eco-friendly solutions.

In recent years, there have been many trends in sustainable interior design, and they're only getting more practical and efficient by the day.

Design Trends & Waste Reduction

Interior designers have a lot of power in their hands when it comes to managing waste reduction. When choosing specific designs, it's important to think about the impact of materials and production during the process. The mentality of getting rid of products once they're no longer in style or replacing them often to keep up with trends is slowly being phased out. Instead, the current trends gravitate towards choosing solutions that will remain tasteful and functional for long periods.

2021 Interior Design Trends with sustainability

2021 Interior Design Trends with sustainability

Recycling is arguably the most important process for waste reduction. Instead of throwing away materials that were used previously, they can be used again and remain functional. Materials that can be renewed or re-utilized make for wonderful alternatives to materials that can only be used once.

Various metals and types of glass can be recycled and implemented in an interior design efficiently. Steel and aluminium are good examples, as they can be recycled and reused infinitely. Bio-glass is made from recyclable glass and contains no additives or colourants, making it indistinguishable from its original form, so it's more than good enough to use in any design. With more recyclable solutions being developed, interior designs have the potential to become more and more sustainable.

Flexible & Durable Design Trends

As important as it is to recycle materials and products, it's just as crucial to make sure that they last as long as possible. Few recycling processes are 100% efficient, and plenty of resources are used for this process. The longevity and durability of a product should be considered alongside its potential for recycling. If an individual can purchase pieces of décor that will last them years, they're less likely to replace them early, meaning they will use fewer resources. This same principle can be applied to complete interior designs as well.

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Design Trends With Sustainability design trends

The flexibility of spaces is something worth considering when producing designs. One of the premier goals for sustainable design is to create spaces that are timeless and can be adapted easily and with minimal changes. This means applying quality over quantity, as well as striving for simplicity and functionality. With these kinds of designs, a space won't require significant changes or additional décor to evolve alongside the individuals that spend time in them, and fewer resources will be needed to make changes.

Reduced Environmental Impact

From the point of view of sustainability, it's crucial to pick materials that have a low impact on the environment. It's worth noting that natural materials are a good choice, but only if they are produced responsibly. Synthetic materials that last a long time and whose production doesn't create much toxic waste should also be taken into consideration.

Natural materials like cork and bamboo are excellent choices for sustainable interior design. They are relatively easy to produce without requiring the destruction of natural habitats. As trees like cork can be harvested repeatedly, no harm is done to the environment. This material can be used for everything from flooring to the creation of surfaces like countertops.

To get a good idea of materials that have a reduced environmental impact, we have to look at all stages of the production, processing, and transportation processes. The ones with minimal impact in all three are excellent choices for interior design.

Efficient CGI Design

Creating an interior design is a complex process that requires extensive input from clients. One of its major issues is the difficulty in visualizing the space before the changes are made. As a result, many clients choose to make adjustments after the process is complete, which affects the efficiency of the design.

Design Trends With Sustainability design trends

With the help of CGI technology, it's possible to get a full view of the space that's being designed and allow the client to make adjustments along the way. A professional CGI artist can create a detailed render of the interior design that will allow for complete visualisation. This helps the client get what they want and improves the efficiency of designing a space.

Healthy Indoor Eco-Systems

Keeping an indoor space healthy and welcoming is a key part of modern interior design. The heating, lighting, ventilation, and indoor air quality are all crucial aspects of this process. There are many ways to meet these quality demands, but some are more environmentally-friendly than others.

The use of materials with minimal air pollution is one of the most important parts of healthy interior design. Items and furniture that are treated with harmful chemicals tend to release them over time, ruining air quality. Choosing materials and furniture responsibly is key.

Extensive air filtration systems may help with improving air quality, but they can also use quite a bit of power. Plants are considered a great natural alternative for air circulation and filtration, and they make incredibly good décor.

Design Trends With Sustainability design trendsConclusion

Today's interior design philosophy should always include ways to increase sustainability. With proper planning and extensive knowledge of the best eco-friendly practices, it's possible to create more and more sustainable interior designs. Following the latest and most state-of-the-art trends can help designers get a good overview of the best practices available. We've covered some of the best examples for 2021, but it's doubtless that more will be developed that will reshape our understanding of sustainable design in the coming years.

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