Homeowners Quick Tips: How To Reuse Reduce And Recycle

Homeowners Quick Tips: How To Reuse Reduce And Recycle

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

How to Reuse Reduce and Recycle

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Going green means not only minimizing the accumulation of toxic waste and chemicals around the environment, it also means keeping yourself and any animals in the area safe from harm. You can take a good look around you to find out that there are plenty of sources of pollution all around us. Factories, vehicles and so much more will endlessly churn toxins in the air and the environment. There is a need to find ways you can reuse and recycle the items you deal with every day, but you will also need to find a way to reduce the items you use every day. This will take some doing and preparation, as well as changes in lifestyle, so you should go for it:


The first step in reuse, reduce and recycle is to reuse, this often means finding alternate ways to make use of items you have so you won't have to throw away excess garbage. A good example of that would be making use of old clothes you're not planning on wearing, such as donating them to an orphanage or giving them to a thrift store. You may not exactly like the style of some clothes, so you may be willing to give them away to avoid keeping them around unless you absolutely have to.


To reduce means you will need to use fewer items to complete your tasks. Reducing what you already have means you can deal with easier cleaning. The same goes for all rooms, regardless of what needs to be done from carpet cleaning to other types of cleaning. You can work on many ways of doing that, such as turning off any appliances that are not needed at the moment, as well as taking care of vampire energy by unplugging them from the power grid itself. Just turn off the TV, as well as anything else that needs to be off to ensure you will have lower power consumption levels. Once that is done you will have a lower power bill, a smaller carbon footprint and you will also enjoy a much easier time maintaining and dealing with house cleaning.

How to Reuse Reduce and Recycle1

Reuse Reduce and Recycle


Out of the three things, this is the most common option and for a good reason. Recycling means you will find more use for certain types of waste such as plastic bottles. Plastic amounts as one of the biggest amounts of garbage all around the world, specifically plastic bottles and bags. Bottles can be reused again and again for a long time, but did you know you can use them instead of speakers? All you need to do is cut the bottle in half and you will have yourself an improvised speaker booster. If you have any older electronics you may want to consider either selling or recycling them. The last place you want them to be is on the dump where they will release the toxins inside them into the soil, the air for a very long time.

Awesome tips on how to reuse, reduce and recycle vegetables

Posted by Winnipeg Home Finder – Bo Kauffmann on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HP, Tetra Pak win big with the circular economy

https://www.greenbiz.com/article/hp-tetra-pak-win-big-circular-economyWe live on a planet of finite resource, but the current take-make-waste linear economy operates as if we could continue sourcing virgin materials forever. As waste mounts, landfills bulge, which creates a slew of aesthetic and environmental issues. It also creates business risks, as virgin materials become increasingly difficult and expensive to source.

It also creates business risks, as virgin materials become increasingly difficult and expensive to source. Rising commodity prices, increasing populations and greater uncertainty with interconnected global supply chains means that companies have been struck with material shortages, pushing up material prices and threatening continuity of operations and margins. More info via Winnipeg's Real Estate Blog

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