Green Homes - 5 Reasons To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A great number of individuals focus on interior design, curb appeal and location when looking for a new home. However, the recent green trends and society’s emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability have brought about numerous changes in real estate. The presence of green surfaces, energy efficient features and sustainability of a property have become sought-after qualities among buyers.

It will gain more value

Green home improvements vary in their scope, price and complexity, yet all of them can contribute and increase the value of your property. Energy efficiency, in particular, is quite popular among prospective buyers who would rather pay more for properties with solar systems, energy-saving lighting, energy efficient windows and appliances than spend less on properties without these features. Consequently, the installation of these upgrades can boost one’s property value significantly, providing them with an opportunity to gain a higher return on their initial investment.

5 Reasons To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Solar Panels on a Home make it more energy efficient

Furthermore, energy efficiency isn’t the sole factor that buyers consider when it comes to greenness of a property. The presence of green surfaces is another desirable feature that buyers will consider. Greenery has become extremely important, especially in urban environments where concrete dominates. Green areas are also a feature that indicates prestige and higher social status, which also contributes to the value of one’s property. Moreover, the vicinity of urban green surfaces, such as city parks, also affects the sale price of one’s house because they contribute to the quality of life of residents. Thus, top buyers attach great importance to the presence of greenery, outdoor spaces, gardens, backyards and surrounding green surfaces, which affects the value of a property.

It will be more energy efficient

As already mentioned, energy efficiency of a home is one of the most important factors that buyers consider when purchasing a property. Energy-efficient features offer long-term benefits to property owners, which they greatly appreciate. Homes with renewable energy systems, energy-saving HVAC systems, Energy Star-certified appliances and energy-efficient lighting are considered to be a wise investment, so they appeal to a greater number of prospective buyers who are willing to pay more. For instance, if homeowners opt for reliable 5kW solar systems, the most common solution for homes with average electricity needs, they can increase their homes’ value by up to around $30,000. It has also been shown that each $1 in energy savings can increase your home’s value by $20. Furthermore, there are numerous state incentives and programs for homeowners who decide to go green, enabling them to recoup their investment or even lower the initial costs of installation.

It offers more opportunities for increased savings

The major benefit of installing energy efficient features and water-saving fixtures is the opportunity for homeowners to increase their savings in the long run. With an average solar system, you can save up to $1800 on electricity per year (depending on your current electricity costs in your state or province).  Water-saving features will help you reduce both your electricity and water bill, as well. Going with sustainable materials and eco-friendly interior design is another opportunity to increase your savings. You can go with vintage details, reuse materials and repurpose old items, which is always more affordable than purchasing new features. This is another advantage of green homes that appeal to both owners and buyers, resulting in increased property value.

It will be healthier

Greener homes are also healthier, which is another important benefit for owners. Sustainable products and materials and eco-friendly interior design need to meet certain green standards that prohibit the use of toxic materials. The presence of greenery, green surfaces and outdoor living areas can also help you create a healthier home environment. Plants act as natural air purifiers, so they can help you increase your air quality by purifying it from airborne toxins and allergens. Of course, if you ever decide to sell your home, this will be another plus among buyers, who will certainly prefer living in a healthy, toxin- and chemical-free environment.   

5 Reasons To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient Solar Panels

It will be more peaceful and appealing

Buyers and homeowners appreciate homes that exude tranquillity and serenity. The modern, fast-paced lifestyle can be quite stressful and overwhelming, so individuals are looking for different ways to bring peacefulness into their lives and homes. Green design is certainly an effective way to achieve this since it brings nature into modern homes, embraces its soothing quality and enables homeowners to escape the hustle and bustle of an urban centre. Furthermore, a nature-inspired design is quite trendy and eye-pleasing, which makes it quite popular among buyers.

Green improvements, energy-saving features, greenery and renewable energy systems have become extremely important on the modern design and real estate scenes. Because of that, more and more real estate agencies offer specific house and land packages that include these features. Not only can these additions increase a property’s value significantly, but they can also provide both owners and buyers with numerous benefits that are certainly worth investing in.

So, if you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market, you should consider making it greener. Not only will it set your property apart on the market, but it will also provide you and your prospective buyers with numerous benefits.


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Kennedy Chan

Pretty sure solar energy would eventually become the top consideration of every prospective home buyer later on. When the cost of electricity is escalating, and the clamor for saving energy is getting louder, most houses would switch to renewable energy once the materials such as energy panels would be more accessible and not too expensive. Indeed, those properties which already have solar energy panels would be a hit in the market later on.

Maury Cheskes

So many attributes to choose from. I can clearly see why having an energy efficient home is trending. I am an environment enthusiast and I care about my quality of air and tranquility. Choosing a home that satisfies these needs are at the top of my list when searching. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Wms

Great article! Making a home energy efficient is a big plus for perspective buyers; as well as, home owners. It gives a more nature and natural approach when shopping for homes, not to mention the added-on bonuses like: Healthier living, cost of managing the home decreased, the overall upkeep is a savings within itself. Lastly, a energy efficient home also comes across as not only stylish, but a relaxing environment that’s more welcoming among other neighborhood homes.


We’ve been doing our own ways to efficiently conserve our energy. We’ve installed solar panels because most of the time there is a scheduled blackout in our place. We’ve put on more glass windows so more light could come in our house.

Ross Hernandez
Rate this post :

Though it’s really a little bit expensive but having a solar panel installed at your home will surely improve energy consumption and will help you experience a much greener surrounding.

Bernie Moore
Rate this post :

Solar panels are really great and your article justified this statement. The only problem I see these days is the availability of it in the market and in some places. Would be glad to try one in our home.

Rate this post :

Good article. Green is the way to go and i think it is something that all home owners need to consider.

Aissa Jo Quizon

Been meaning to do something about making my house more energy efficient. Alas, in the country where I live, it’s still a far off dream. I am all for solar energy. I just hope that in the near future, solar energy becomes increasingly more accessible to all. Solar panels coupled with the energy efficient available appliances and such, you are not only saving energy, but you are also contributing to a much healthier environment and planet.

David Tjoe
Rate this post :

I have an interest in using solar panels for energy efficiency before. But after I calculated the costs needed and looked at a number of factors, I thought I wasn’t ready for this. However, I agree with the information presented in this article.

Tom Esthber

I’ve always wanted to have solar panels in my home for energy efficiency. I believe it saves money as well having an impact on the environment.

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