Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips - DIY Home Repair And Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips

Why is home maintenance so important in the first place? A home is a place where you invest your lifetime earnings and energy to make it a perfect place to live in. If you invest carefully in the maintenance of your home at the right time, it can save your time and money from the hassles of repairs. A well maintained home leads to a healthy environment and keeps you safe from different problems and health hazards. Some of the basic home maintenance ideas which you should keep in mind include roof, foundations, exterior, flooring, windows, paint, siding repair, and drainage system. Professionals are providing the services to help you with the home maintenance like siding repair by Gillespie Handyman

If you are worried that how to keep your home in a good condition, then don't stress. I have scoured the internet and came up with the below-mentioned top 10 tips to keep up home maintenance.


The roof plays a crucial role to protect your home from all kinds of weather conditions and natural disasters to some extent. That's why you should inspect your roof thoroughly at least twice a year in order to be on the safe side. Check for any broken or cracked shingles, look for leaks in ceilings, inspect the sidings, and clean the gutters. For this, you can also seek professional help as there are many reliable service providers. If you have a metal roof, then there is a high risk of rusting due to severe weather conditions. So keep them clean and inspect regularly to keep your roof safe from any type of algae and moss. Other important aspects which you should keep in mind to maintain your roof is to trim the extra branches of your plants and tree (if any) and maintain a proper system of ventilation and insulation.


Floorings of different kinds can be used like wooden, hardwood, marble or bamboo. Wooden floors are usually preferred by the majority of the people but it requires regular cleaning and attention to avoid any dust penetration. So, an alternate option is to use engineered wood floorings which is comparatively easy to maintain and is quite durable. Laminated floors can also be used as they enhance the curb appeal. Other than this marble, concrete, non-toxic sheet material or tiles can also be used. If you wish to have a carpeted floor, then you should use good quality wool carpets as low-quality carpets can damage the flooring as well costing you a lot of money. 

Home Maintenance Tips home maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips include flooring updates

Siding repair

Cracks in siding can allow insects and moisture to get in so you should be very careful while repairing the siding of your home. Scrape off any rust or mildew thoroughly from the sidings. To clean the vinyl siding, you can use soapy water and a brush to rub off the dust and stains. Then rinse it with the clean water and you are good to go. Siding repair is very crucial and a lot of people choose to seek professional help to make sure that the task is done perfectly. 

Clean the gutters

The habit of cleaning gutters regularly can save you from the expenses to unclog or replace the drainage. Clogged gutters can cause serious problems to your roof and sidings, especially in the rainy season, so make sure there's no blockage and the drainage system works properly. Clear the debris away and seal leaks, you can use cleaning tools too.

Clean the chimneys

If you want your chimney to last longer, then make sure it is waterproof and it has a functional fireplace damper. The damper are used to close the chimneys when you are not using the fireplace. You can get your chimneys clean professionally, especially if you use your fireplace often, to avoid any collection of debris. 

10 Home Maintenance TipsPaint and repair the deck

In spring, you can wash the deck to avoid any mold by using cleansers, thoroughly clean and let it dry. Pay close attention to your decks in summers before using it, clean the wooden surfaces regularly, and you can also paint them to enhance the look of your exterior. 

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Repair cracked or peeling paint

Always use good quality paints with less harmful chemicals and seek professional help for color combinations if you want. As a book is judged by its cover, same goes for the exterior of the house. Look for spots, stains, cracked paint, and repaint accordingly. Paint not only enhances the curb appeal but also maintains the condition of the surface. Make sure that every corner is painted well and if you want to avoid mold, then use high-quality paints with additives.

Inspection of doors

Tighten the hinges, knobs, and handles of doors with the help of a screwdriver- if required. Fix any gaps or cracks to close the passage of air and dust. Regularly clean the doors with any cleanser or soap, then rinse it with water, and wipe off to dry completely. Good quality and attractive designs of doors add aesthetics to your home, so choose your doors wisely in the first place and keep them clean.

Clean or repair windows and screens

Windows protect your home against harsh weather conditions. Replace or repair the caulking around the windows to avoid dust and moisture from letting in. Prevent the window screens from scratches and clean the screens with a damp cloth to get a clearer view. Scrape off the rot if you have wooden frames and use warm water for vinyl windows' cleaning. Don't allow dust to seal your windows and fix any broken or damaged parts immediately.


Plumbing maintenance is very crucial to keep the clean water flowing in and flushing the wastes out. Look for small leaks as it is not only a waste of water but these leaks can ruin your cabinets and flooring by causing corrosion under the sink areas. Closely look at the small defects before it becomes a major problem and damage your pipes and home. Prevent the clogging of your kitchen and washroom drains by disposing of the garbage at the right place. Fats, oils and solid wastes can clog the pipes so dispose of them through proper channels.

Thus, owning a house comes with a great deal of responsibilities for maintenance. Now you need to manage your time and schedule to maintain your house in accordance with these tips. You can plan and make a list of the tasks, then follow the planned schedule to keep up the home maintenance. Whether you decide to do it on your own or plan to seek professional help, you need to make sure that all the tasks are being done accordingly.

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