5 Stunning Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2019 To Help Sell Your Home

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019

Many homeowners consider the kitchen to be the focal point of a house, so it's no wonder that this particular room is crucial when deciding whether or not potential buyers are going to choose certain property. With a bit of imagination and some guidance from the masters of design, you can turn your simple kitchen into an authentic room that will increase the value of your property. Following new kitchen renovation trends you'll give this room a fresh decor twist, boost its functionality and make it the epicenter of the home.

Kitchen renovation trends 2019
Kitchen renovation trends 2019

Smart storage front and center

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019 kitchen renovation trends
Kitchen renovations to help sell your home

For proud owners of entire cooking sets with all of their tops, you know that storing them in a traditional kitchen cabinet is a nightmare. Today, we see more kitchens embracing the deep drawer trend, a seemingly simple, yet sleek solution for the issue of storing your clunky, massive, stainless steel pots and pans. As just one example of smart space usage, these drawers are meant to help you save space and keep your cookware in pristine condition for years to come.

The vertical, pull-out storage options for condiments, spices and baking material is ideal to keep them safely out of sunlight and away from your clean countertop space. Simple dividers are another still popular option, so use these to turn your kitchen into a perfectly organized space.

Tech up your appliances

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019 kitchen renovation trends
Kitchen renovation trends include new appliances

The time of those old stoves and simple coffee pots has passed, as we have officially entered a new era in designing kitchen appliances that are not just stunningly sleek, but more functional than ever. The use of smart technology has further made the cooking process and kitchen integration simpler. Certain environmentally-focused countries such as Australia are putting this particular trend to an excellent use to minimize energy consumption and turn their kitchens into more sustainable rooms.

To make sure a kitchen is properly refurbished with high-tech appliances, working with a professional electrician in Sydney and other Australian metropolises has become a must to ensure safety, energy-efficiency, and long-lasting use of this new equipment. From induction stoves, all the way to smart coffee-makers and energy-saving fridges, your kitchen is in dire need of a true Aussie, functional makeover.

Texture and color on the walls

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019 kitchen renovation trends
Gorgeous kitchen renos

Function indeed will steal the spotlight in 2019, but aesthetics will also take a fresh turn to upgrade your kitchen. For example, while the use of marble and other smooth surfaces will always retain its timeless appeal, using stylish wallpaper to give your kitchen a colourful frame can elevate the entire look and feel of your space. Not to mention the perk of easy cleaning which only adds to the overall 2019 theme of increased purpose. You can use walls to introduce a warm accent tone to your monochrome look, or bring more life with a contrasting hue that you love, such as emerald green, royal blue, or even bright red.

Darker tones with a softer feel

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019 kitchen renovation trends
Contrasting tones for your kitchen renovation project

The all-white kitchen used to be a winning choice, as the clean, open-space, sophisticated look leaves plenty of room for decoration with details. The current kitchen renovation trends will be different, with significantly darker tones taking over as the best choice. Think: black, dark, forest greens, fully black kitchen cabinets, and elegant grey, all of which can be mixed with those organic materials for an even more powerful effect.

To further tone down the brightness of white, the kitchens of 2019 should be more matte, with little to no glossy finish on the countertops. If you crave for a touch of sparkle and shimmer, then dark bronze should be your go-to choice!

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

Raw and natural materials

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019 kitchen renovation trends

Much like the living room can get a true remake with the right choice of materials, if you're prepared to invest in a complete kitchen renovation, the best way to go is to introduce a new material into the mix. This year, Mother Nature will take center stage with wood, stone, and wicker all playing vital roles in bringing your kitchen to life.

However, the look and feel will not be complete without ample natural light, so make sure to mix your love for wood and other organic materials with floor-to-ceiling windows or the closest alternative to them. Add a few playful plants and greenery into the mix, perhaps even your own little indoor herb garden, and your kitchen will instantly feel like a true oasis!

These are just some among many beautiful 2019 trends to reshape your kitchen layout and look. Make sure to consider these during your renovations, and you'll surely create an entirely new, fresh atmosphere and increase the chance to sell your home even faster. Good luck!

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