6 Ways To Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your Home

6 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your Home

Ways to Bring Natural and Organic Elements Indoors

In this day and age, we have high-tech homes equipped by all sorts of sci-fi features that could put to shame even some of the most ambitious movies. And that is great; however, it seems that we are furthest from what is the most important and inherent to human beings – nature. The presence of natural elements in our homes brings serenity and warmth that not a single piece of tech can. So, if you are trying to find a way to replenish your home by introducing natural and organic elements, here are a few ideas that will help you achieve that.

6 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your HomeBut First, Let There Be Light

Besides filling your home with warmth, saving on artificial light sources, and improving the overall mood, sunlight can serve as a great natural décor element. It can liven up an entire room, make the colors pop and put focus on other design features. The easiest way to introduce it is through large windows without draperies or with sheer curtains. If the room has no place for expansion or for adding new windows, you can always borrow some sunlight using solar tubes that go from the roof straight to where you need them.

Expose the Stone

Exposed stone is a popular way of decorating indoor walls, and it is no wonder, since it carries a lot of benefits – intense texture, excellent sound absorption, earthy vibe and simple maintenance, to name a few. Depending on your personal tastes, you can use various types of stone to “naturalize” your interior design game. Some of the most commonly used types in home décor are sandstone, limestone, brick, coral stone and slate. The overall design of your home will also determine the type you should use. For example, large rocks in different shapes go well with a country style while uniform and brick stone fits well into lofts and contemporary designs.

6 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your HomeWood (the Finishes) Up!

Wood is probably one of the most commonly used natural design elements in home décor. It can provide any space with an unparalleled homey feeling. There are all sorts of ways to introduce wood finishes in your home: from ceiling beams and floors to countertops and solid timber doors. Depending on the design style you decide on, you can choose from pale and dark tones: e.g. pale woods match the Scandinavian design, while deep shades are more common in rustic design.

Wooden Furniture throughout the House

Wooden furniture is another way of introducing wood into every single room of your house: from kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities to living room coffee tables and bedroom nightstands. You will get the most out of this material if you look for artisan furniture or antique pieces, but you won't lose much if you turn to the simplistic Nordic clean-lined style, either.

6 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your HomeRecycle, Reuse, Repurpose

The relatively new trend pertaining to sustainability is a great and affordable way to introduce wood into your home, while preserving Mother Nature's resources. You can search your attic for old pieces or buy some bargain items at flea markets and convert them into shelves, cabinets, kitchen bars, nightstands, etc. Another great recycling tip is to use reclaimed wood to plank the walls.

Green Up

Nothing like some greenery to bring the nature inside and freshen up your home. There are many ways to green up your space. The two most traditional ones include introducing potted plants and displaying fresh flowers in vases. The third, a relative newcomer to the scene, implies installing a vertical garden. These gardens can be placed in your living room and feature decorative plants, or they can be installed in your kitchen and provide you with fresh supplies of herbs within your reach.

6 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into Your HomeIntroducing natural design elements indoors is often considered expensive, and in some cases, that can be true. However, with some clever remodeling projects (e.g. exposed stone accent wall, instead of adorning the entire room with it) and using the perks of repurposed items and reclaimed wood, you can still make a natural design statement without breaking the bank.

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