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When you are a homeowner and you want to sell your house, you are always trying to make your property better and more appealing to potential buyers. However, decorating your home, whether it's exterior or interior, is usually expensive. This is why most people simply can't afford these improvements. In case you have the same problem, you shouldn't lose hope. There are many affordable ways to improve your home. However, they require creativity and skill. This is why today we are going to dispense home staging advice you can use to improve the home you want to sell. Trust us, the buyers will be impressed.

Home Staging Living Room
Home staging advice, examples and tips for do it yourself home staging. Get your home looking its best

Take care of minor exterior repairs

In case you don't have enough resources for structural repairs, you should at least try to fix some minor exterior problems. This is something you can do on your own without spending too much money. These small repairs can include cleaning or replacing gutters. This might not seem important, but trust us, it is something buyers will definitely notice during their inspection of the home.

Also, try your best to clean the driveway or concrete walkways. You would be surprised to know how dirty these can get over time. So, if you want your exterior to look clean and fresh, make sure to wash these areas. If there are damaged parts, try to replace those as well. It would be good to repaint the front door, fence or any other wood surface you have outside. This will give your home a fresh look.

Bring charm to your backyard

Home Staging Back Yard
Home staging advice and tips for do it yourself home staging.


Some would say the heart of every house is the living room. This may be true, but the soul resides in the backyard. This is where families spend their spare time and where the kids play. This is why you have to decorate it before showing your house to the buyers. Fix your fence, maintain your lawn, and build a nice barbecue.

Having a barbecue in your backyard will definitely make your house more appealing to buyers. However, in order to fix your fence and build a barbecue, you will have to do some welding.  Even if you're not a professional welder, modern all-in-one tools allow you to express your creativity with more confidence. 

Make sure to add potted plants

Home Place to Show Place home staging advice
Home staging advice and examples for do it yourself home staging. Get your home looking its best

There is no better way to welcome buyers than with colorful flowers located near the front door. Buyers love seeing potted plants in front of the house and in the backyard. This indicates there is life in the house and they know they can make it their home. This will help you to sell the house at a good price. Having two matching planters on either side of the door is probably the best option for this part of the property.

However, if you don't have where to put those, simply try to strategically place those plants somewhere in your backyard. Near the lawn or patio is probably the best option. Get creative and try different things. It may sound trivial, but this can help you to sell the property.

Make sure there is enough natural light in the house

One of the most important things you have to do when staging a house is to make it look bright and airy. Buyers are not interested in dark and small houses. Therefore, you have to let some light in when staging the property. This will make your home look spacious and clean.

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Home Place to Show Place home staging advice

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Try to make those small fixes inside the house

Home Place to Show Place home staging advice
Home staging examples and tips for do it yourself home staging. Get your home looking its best

If you want the interior of your house to look fresh, you should try to change the lightbulbs, fix the faucet, and take care of those cracks in the walls. These repairs may not seem important, but they do make a difference. Buyers pay attention to details, so try your best to make your home look perfect.

Depersonalize the interior

Home Place to Show Place home staging advice
Home staging advice examples and tips for do it yourself home staging. Get your home looking its best

Even though people don't like impersonal and sterile houses they also don't like seeing a lot of personal stuff in the house. It makes them feel like it will never be their home. Therefore, if you want to impress your buyers, you should try to make some areas of the house unique, but don't make it too personal. Make sure to have some interesting furniture, beautiful rugs, and antique objects. However, make sure to remove your personal things. These unique things will separate your home from the rest of the houses in the market. Buyers see a lot of homes during the week, so it's important they remember yours, (in a positive way).

Home staging requires a lot of effort and skills. It is definitely not a simple thing to do. However, these DIY tips will help you to make your home look great without spending too much money.

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