Mould In Your Home: Causes - Health Effects - Prevention Tips

Mould In Your Home: Causes – Health Effects – Prevention Tips

If you have mould in your home, it could create a health hazard for yourself, your family and any pets that you may have. It may also wreak havoc the components of your home such as drywall, floors and ceilings. Therefore, it is important that you understand how it forms, how you can determine if you have it in your home and how to get rid of it.

The Causes of Mould Growth

Mould is a spore that tends to grow in dark and damp conditions. This is why you usually see it in the attic, the basement or other parts of the home that don't get a lot of sunlight. It can be transported through the home by way of its HVAC system as it will get into the duct work and then be pushed through the air until it exits via the nearest vent or opening. Mould can also grow in humid conditions as well, and this is why you may see mold growing in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Health Effects of Mould

As a general rule, mould in the air will make it difficult to breathe and generally degrade the quality of the air in your house. You may find that you cough, sneeze or itch more when there is mould present. Children and older people may be especially vulnerable to mould given that their immune systems are not at their peak at those times of life.

In some cases, exposure can lead to cognitive problems in both children and adults. Children may show symptoms of ADHD while adults may be irritable and have a hard time concentrating. Its presence in a home may also make it harder to sleep, which could play a role in a person being grumpy or otherwise in a bad mood all day.

Those who have asthma or other breathing problems may find it unbearable to be in the presence of mould. Those who don't have problems breathing may suddenly develop asthma or other lung issues. If you suspect that you or your children have been exposed to mould, get to the doctor right away. Of course, you should also take steps to get rid of the mould.

How Do You Know If Mould Is Present in Your Home?

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There are several ways to find out if mould is present in your home. First, you may be able to see a green or black substance growing on the walls of your kitchen, bathroom or attic. You may also see green or black splotches on wood or other surfaces either in or outside of the home. It may also be possible to smell mould in your home because of its distinct musty odour.

How Do You Prevent Mould From Growing in Your Home?

There are many different ways to prevent mould from growing in your home. One of the most effective ways is to make sure that there is proper air circulation in any rooms that may be damp or humid. If humid air is allowed to linger in one spot, the moisture will collect and start to stick to the walls or create puddles on the floor.

Adding vents or a fan can make sure that fresh air consistently gets into a space. You can also make use of an air conditioner or a dehumidifier to get moisture out of your home. In addition to creating better conditions for air to circulate, you should also consider cleaning painted surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. A simple solution of soap and water can remove minor mould spots off of the walls or ceiling.

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While this may be the most expensive option, you may want to consider finishing your attic or basement to keep those rooms drier. Although the upfront cost may be high, you can get that money back when you sell your house because you have additional rooms and additional square footage to advertise.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Rid of Mould?

Even if you think that you can live with the mould growing in your home, it is a big mistake to let it linger. It is possible that the damp and dark conditions that lead to the mould growth are also providing perfect conditions for pests to breed and multiply in your house.

If you do decide that you are tired of looking at mould growing in your home, it can be expensive to repair once the problem grows too large. In extreme cases, you may have to literally bulldoze the existing structure and start again. Unless your insurance covers the costs related to repairing mould-growth in your home, you could be spending thousands of dollars to get rid of it.

In addition to the money that you spend on mould-remediation, you may be forced to find a new place to live temporarily. Hotel fees or apartment rental costs could also go into the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. If people know that your house has been repaired because of past mould issues, it may not be worth as much when it goes to the open market.

If you have mould in your house, it is in your best interest to get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could face serious health issues, live in a home that is made structurally unsound and pay thousands to eventually have it repaired. This makes the prospect of paying a few hundred dollars to prevent mould from forming in the first place seem like the better option.

How Do We Get Rid Of It?

There are many companies and products available to kill mould.  A common issue with the available products is:

  • They either are not 100% effective or..
  • They are dangerous to your health (and your pets)

As far as companies go, make sure you check their background, credentials, history, BBB ratings and reviews, all before you hire them.  In Winnipeg, we have one company that has developed their own food-grade mould-killing product.  Deemed completely safe for humans and pets, they guarantee their product to work 100% of the time, and continue to guarantee it's effectiveness for 10 years!   To hear more about their product and service, listen to this audio interview with their owner.


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