Creating A Home Office On A Budget

Creating a Home Office on a Budget

Budget Friendly ways to create your Home Office

Budget Friendly Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office2Your home office is more than just a desk and a chair. Chances are you spend most of your time there and thus this spot deserves a special attention. Having organized and pleasant work place is the key to efficiency. The best thing is that you don't need a lot of money to achieve it. Here are a couple of thrifty ideas that will add style to your home office while tight on budget.


You don't necessarily need to buy a fancy desk. Instead you can up-date your current piece. Turn the old desk into beautiful vintage furniture that will serve as a focal point. The simplest way to do it is by applying a new coat of paint. Pick a reminiscing tone like pastel blue or create a vintage look with faux painting techniques. Don't forget cleaning the surface before applying paint or finish. Consider changing the handles of your desk as well. It will completely change the look of your furniture piece.

Hit the Flea Market

Be sure to visit the flea market or the second hand store. You can stumble on some great deals. Look for both furniture pieces and items you can use as storage solutions. While shopping, try to stick with a certain theme that will fit both your home decor and your personal working style.

Budget Friendly Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office1Add an Accent

The secret to every successful design is to create a focal point. It can be interesting furniture or an eye-catching detail. If you picked simple desk and chair, you can add interest with an art piece. This is a great DIY project. All you need is a canvas and a gorgeous wall paper. You can even use your office supplies. Get a painted canvas and create different shapes by using gold thumbtacks. There are numerous of tutorials and ideas on the internet.

Double-Duty Walls

Combine aesthetics and practicality by turning one of your walls into a blackboard. You can write notes and to-do lists and easily update them. The best thing is that the blackboard paint is quite affordable. If you have a tiny work corner, take advantage of the vertical space. Installing shelves will give you more storage options and will not cost you the world.

Stay Organized

It goes without a saying that you need to have place for all your stuff in your home office. Messy desk means less productivity. Instead of buying all your storage solutions, make your own. This is an easy and fun DIY project that will save you men. Get your old shoe boxes and decorative paper or patterned fabric. Dress up your office with colourful bins and baskets. If you don't have enough space for storage utilize your desk by adding mason jars and tins. Use colour coding to find quickly everything that you need.

Clean Up!

Cleaning your workspace is the quickest and most inexpensive way to update your home office. Get rid of the clutter. Cleaning your work area will help your stay organized and will facilitate your job. For more home cleaning and office cleaning ideas:

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