Home Seller Tips - Clever Home Designs To Inspire Buyers

Clever Inspirational Home Designs

Homeowners are often reluctant to do a renovation on the property they put up for sale since they won't be living there anymore. However, today's buyers know what they want and sellers need to invest in clever home designs to raise the market value. Here are some suggestions that will attract a lot of potential buyers and even give you back more than you invested in the upgrades.

Installing energy-efficient windows

Today's buyers care for the environment and want to buy a home that fits their beliefs. Energy-efficient windows are perfect to show your property in the best light. They have an invisible glass coating, better framing, use inert gas between panes to improve sealant and are more resistant to weather.

Once in place, this green feature will make your home energy efficient and have it spend less energy on heating and cooling. This type of clever home design is in line with using solar panels and collecting rainwater making the home a highly desirable buy.

A separate laundry room

Laundry Room


The laundry room is something that home buyers will pay close attention to since it guarantees order and comfort. Having a separate room to wash, dry, fold and iron clothes will help keep the home clutter-free and is considered a great benefit for homeowners, especially large families. The easiest way to build one is in the basement since the utility network is already in place so it won't cost much to renovate.

But if there is enough room in the home to build a laundry room, choose this option instead. Buyers like to see that the laundry room is close to the bedrooms and closets. A simple setting like a laundry closet may do the trick, although it's better to have a whole room with sinks, storage, and space to iron. The latter is the most expensive option for renovations, but one that will also raise the selling price of your home.

Build a patio

Back Yard Design
Back Yard Design

Exploiting an outdoor area and turning it into an extended living space is the current trend that will attract a lot of buyers. That is why new home builders and designers make sure to create a functional space right from the start to increase the house value. A patio offers room for an elegant seating area with a fireplace, cozy fire pit arrangement with lounge chairs or a perfect spot for the summer dining table. 

Clever Inspirational Home Designs

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The patio floors are best when made from natural materials like wooden boards or stone tile that will go well with the rest of the backyard. A nice pergola will provide shade from the sun and rain, while string lights will set a gentler ambiance perfect for relaxing.


Add some golden moments

Gold details will make the décor glamorous and sophisticated which is something that would inspire people to buy. The key here is to use these golden elements in combination with other materials, tones and items in the room to avoid tackiness. And so, linens, pillows, rugs, and curtains with accents of gold will be a classy addition to a large living room full of natural light.

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A small gold side table will make the room more modern, while something as simple as a fruit ball will add just enough glitz to the small living room. However, gold details in the kitchen can also increase its value and make it more comfortable. Brass fixtures and hardware will be just enough to give a vintage feel to sink and cabinets making the whole kitchen elegantly stylish.


Today's real estate market is more defined with buyers knowing exactly what they want and sellers willing to accommodate their desires. Try some of these clever home designs which follow the newest trends in décor and building guaranteed to put your property on the map.

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