French Furniture: 4 Key Things You Need To Know

French Furniture: 4 Key Things You Need To Know

French furniture is always known for its elegant and sophisticated designs which are made in Paris mainly for the kings, courts, aristocrats and the rich or upper class. This kind of furniture is always the part of semi-formal genre which is traditional and stays evergreen. It is perfect to decorate a room in the most subtle way. It gives a posh look in a smarter way and adds a touch of elegance with its creative designing.

French Furniture is normally dressed in white along with a touch of gold and floral accents. It changes the look of any room by 360 degree and adds a European touch to its styling. The designers press for the consistency in designing with their artistic approach that makes a room a better place to live life with the luxury.

French Furniture: 4 Key Things You Need To Know french furniture4 Key Features you need to know about French furniture

Most of the designers say that the key features which need to be kept in mind are textiles, patterns, colours, lighting and the accessories.

Textiles and Patterns

By these two names i.e. French and Paris, the very first thing which comes in the mind of the people is love or romance. The same thing is shown in the French furniture or its designs. However, one has to control their temptation of converting everything into the indication of love. Use any design or texture with lace or patterns but don't overplay it. To give your room a modern yet elegant touch, you can use the modern fabric with a unique blend of olden or elegant patterns of 18th century.

As per French designs you need to choose the patterns which are soft and light toned, don't go overboard with any temptation or design or else your home will become a museum for others to visit. Don't do too many experiments with designing with the intent of decoration because the sober outlook is not only a factor of attraction but also keeps up the homely feel rather than making it a circus ground. Choose the paintings as well as the wallpapers carefully, so that it matches with the room's design and character.

French Furniture: 4 Key Things You Need To Know french furnitureColours

French designs or décor never make use of vibrant colors in their collection. They always try to use faded and soft colors to give a calm and soothing effect. So, while choosing the right French furniture for your place, try to choose colors which are simple like pastel colors are the best to pick. You can use the pastel colors like Lavender, lilac, peach, etc.

Coloring decides the aesthetic value of the furniture. It is always said that the light and soft colors represent a certain form of elegancy. If you have some old furniture in the room then you can paint them with the matching color of the new ones to keep the decor in the single shade.

Additional Accessories

A few wooden structures will not restyle your place into something pristine or classy; you also need accessories matching the same. You need artifacts or other objects to bring out the décor of the place. Just few things here and there are enough, although every addition needs to be in harmony with the current French furniture lying in your place. Small things like flower vase, pitcher, table cloth, etc. will add that extra edge to the place you are looking for! In case you want to give it a personal touch, you can also add family heirlooms or family pictures adored in the specific frames matching the décor.

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A worthwhile addition is the designer carpets that add luxury and comfort to the place and make it a perfect place to enjoy at home.

French Furniture: 4 Key Things You Need To Know french furnitureLighting

Every design or the piece of furniture looks good when the lighting is perfect so choose the lights which perfectly match with the décor of your room. Observe the colours of your French furniture and test the different colours according to your taste and need of room. Table lamps also make a superior design as they offer light as well as a piece of art in the room.

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