Split Air Conditioner System: How To Take Care Of Yours

Split Air Conditioner System: How To Take Care of Yours

Everyone likes to enjoy their summer days in a cool house to beat the heat and humidity of the season. It is not possible for all the homeowners to install a central air conditioning system. So, they go for window AC units. But in many places both the options do not work well. The best way to cool down your room temperature is through installing a split air conditioner system. They are the best solution for temperature regulating issues. Hence, it is your responsibility to look after your system properly to get better cooling.

What are split air conditioner systems?

Split Air Conditioner System: How To Take Care of Yours split air conditionerWith increasing popularity of several air conditioning options, it is not a bad deal to acquire the best one for your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a central or window AC unit installation, split system air conditioners can effectively meet your family's cooling requirements. This kind of cooling systems has two chief parts – the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

The indoor unit with sleek design contains the long blower, air filter and cooling coil. The outdoor unit comes with the expansion coil, condenser coil and compressor. Usually, this unit is installed near or on the wall outside of the space or room desired to be cooled. Therefore, if you are thinking about your AC maintenance, you have to take proper care of both the units along with their components.

Ways to take care of your split AC system

These days, the homeowners require some kind of air conditioning to keep their home cool and comfortable in summer time. Many people nowadays prefer to have split system air conditioners in their residence. A split unit is compact in design and energy efficient in form. It is most commonly found in the new houses as the operating cost is low. However, since it is small in structure, cleaning can be a challenging task.

Every homeowner wants to enjoy the strong cool air flow of their newly purchased split system for long time. But it would be possible only when you take the cleaning process seriously. If you want to save your money, you can do it yourself. Here is a set of guidelines for people who intend to take care of their split system air conditioners on their own.

  1. Purchase a good quality air conditioner wash bag
  2. Collect a coil cleaner devoid of harsh chemicals
  3. Use the wash bag around your unit on the wall
  4. Spray the chemical solution onto the surface of cooling fins and coils
  5. Start spraying the rotary blades which are hidden in the passage of airflow
  6. Wait for certain amount of time to find the cleaning solution working
  7. Dump the waste water and wipe down the coil unit

When you follow all the above-mentioned DIY standards to clean your split system, you will get ample satisfaction.

Valuable tips to keep your split systems running

When you have chosen split system air conditioners for your home, it is assumed that they will perform their best under harsh weather as well. Since they tend to be overused during summer months, you have to consider routine maintenance service for your cooling system. It is essential to boost your system's efficiency and longevity. To get smooth functioning, you must look at the following tips.

  • Filters should be changed every two months.
  • Compressor should be cleaned regularly to get refreshing cool air.
  • Evaporator coil should be replaced to improve air circulation and air flow inside your home.
  • Professional air-con experts should be hired to take proper care of your split system air conditioners.

Special Note: In homes with Hot Water Heating systems, (radiator heat) installing these split air conditioner units is an idea solution for cooling down the home.  You'll see these units in some of Winnipeg's older areas, such as River Heights, where numerous homes still have hot water heating systems.

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