Interior Design Tips To Create A Timeless Look In Your Home

Interior Design Tips for your home

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Like fashion, interior design trends change with the seasons. Each month, different colours and patterns become the new “it” look, inspiring us to overhaul our home décor.

Keeping up with the latest looks can be challenging, not to mention expensive. That’s why it’s important to remember that keeping your home décor modern isn’t so much about buying trendy furniture as it is about being practical. Invest in timeless pieces that are suited to your lifestyle and create a calm environment.

Delta Faucet, a leader in beautifying home interiors, offers the following tips to make sure your space will always feel fresh:

Choose multi-functional products with hidden technology and beautiful design to create a modern feel. Think televisions hidden in cabinets, speakers mounted behind the wall, and sleek kitchen faucets with a hidden sprayer. Technology that seamlessly blends into a space will always feel new.

Consider incorporating accessories in shades such as clean green, saffron, ocean blue, and magenta to create a soothing atmosphere that will never feel tired.

“Adding sleek pieces in a colour that you’ll always love – rather than a trendy colour – makes your style timeless, not to mention wallet-friendly,” says Jo Alcorn, a Toronto-based interior design expert.

Update fabrics to those that feature timeless geometric designs, overlapping layers, or stripes. All of these can instantly make a home more contemporary without a large investment.

Sleek and simple architectural details add maximum design impact and can become the focal point in any room.

“Paying attention to your hardware including cabinet handles, light fixtures and even faucets can play a huge role in making your place look more modern,” says Alcorn. For instance, the strong, angular lines of the Vero lavatory faucet bring a sense of urban sophistication to the bathroom. See more at When considering furniture, look for pieces with glass or painted wood, and materials like coloured acrylic, fibreglass, and chrome. These features will ensure your choices stand the test of time.

Nothing dates a space like clutter. Organize and store – or even neatly display – magazines, newspapers, and books. Electronic cords should be off the floor and not visible to keep your room looking neat and clean.


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