Backyard Privacy - 6 Awesome Tips & Hacks To Add Value And Beauty

Backyard Privacy Hacks

Privacy is one of the biggest issues with outdoor spaces. There's no way you can achieve the ultimate relaxation when you know anyone can see into your garden and disturb your peace. Luckily, there are various ways you can improve the your backyard's privacy and overall design at the same time. Take a look.


A fence immediately adds to your backyard privacy

A fence immediately adds to your backyard privacy

Sometimes, traditional solutions are the most functional. So, if you crave privacy in your outdoor space, why not surround it with an attractive wooden fence? However, if that solution makes you feel a bit claustrophobic, opt for an airy lattice. It will give you plenty of privacy without completely closing off your backyard. The installation of lattices is much simpler and cheaper than investing in real fencing, plus they give your plants a perfect place to climb and show off their beauty.

Grow a hedge

Backyard Privacy Hacks backyard privacy

A hedge can dramatically improve backyard privacy

If you're into all-natural solutions, then try growing a hedge. This wall of green will not only prevent visual access to your yard but also boost its eco-friendly vibe. However, make sure to choose evergreen varieties that will provide you with privacy all year round. There are even flowering varieties of green walls that will shower your yard with color when they are in bloom. But, hedges require maintenance and care, so if you're not exactly a natural-born gardener, it's better to opt for faux hedges.


Backyard Privacy Hacks backyard privacyOne of the more practical ways to boost both privacy and comfort in your outdoor space is to invest in umbrellas. If you place one or two stylish cantilever umbrellas next to your fence, lattice or hedge, you'll create a completely shielded seating space protected from both the sun and prying eyes. Plus, these are super easy to remove when you want to open up your space. Just close them and you'll get all the sun and air circulation you need.

Potted plants

Nearly every type of plant can thrive in a good planter, so why not treat your space with a few containers filled with foliage? Planters are a great solution for small gardens with plenty of hard surfaces like patios and balconies. Additionally, they are mobile and not permanent, which means you'll get to take them with you if you decide to relocate. For maximum privacy, opt for tall grass, arborvitae or fast-growing bamboo. They will also add visual interest to your backyard, because of their sculptural shape, so you won't have to think too much about decoration.

Practical drapes

Backyard Privacy Hacks backyard privacyIf you have a stylish patio, arbor or gazebo, adorn it with some airy fabric for a relaxing coastal vibe. It's a very budget- and time-friendly privacy option since you can find all types of fabric for very little money. There are frequent outdoor curtain sales, but you can also use drop clothes and spray them with water-resistant coating and achieve almost the same effect. Plus, curtains are completely mobile, so when you want to open up your space, you can simply draw them back and enjoy your view.

Build a pergola

Backyard Privacy Hacks backyard privacy

A pergola is a great way to add some backyard privacy

If you're ready for a bigger garden improvement project, then build a pergola in your backyard. It's certainly an investment, but it will not only improve the privacy in your outdoor space but also enhance comfort and even extend your living space (a good pergola design can easily be turned into an outdoor room). Finish the look with climbing plants or curtains and you'll have a completely private outdoor space.

With these privacy solutions, your backyard will be ready to welcome you every lazy morning and fun summer evening. It will be a perfect place for entertaining and spending time with your family, now that you don't have to worry about nosy neighbours and curious passers-by.

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