Roof Replacement Options -Roofing Materials – Return On Investment – Infographic


Roofs are one of the biggest investments that most people will make in their homes. For that reason, it makes sense to try and get the biggest return on possible for the roof replacement project. According to Remodelling Magazine, the average ROI of a new roof is around 68.8%. There are ways that you can help maximize your potential return, however, to ensure you get the fullest amount possible.

Coordinate: Your roof needs to match the rest of your home to maximize your . Therefore, take into consideration both your design and your exterior house siding. For example, if you have red siding from on your home, you’ll want to consider a black or dark shingle to set off the colour.  Check also the 5 Latest Trends In Residential Roofing.

Invest in the Future: The longevity of your roof can impact its total costs over the lifetime; the longer lasting and better materials you put on your roof will maximize its lifespan and ensure a better ROI. An architectural shingle, for example, will last longer than a standard asphalt shingle, which will lower its costs over its lifetime and ensure a better ROI.

Consider the Appearance: Roofs do more than protect your home from the elements; they also contribute to your home’s curb appeal. An attractive roofing style will get a higher ROI than roofs that don’t contribute as much to the appearance of the house, making an easier resale in the future. Your real estate agent will love you for it.  Check also the 7 upgrades that add value to your home.

Update Other Areas as Well: While you’re working on the roof replacement, consider other factors that can affect its use and lifespan, and consider updating those as well. Ventilation, for example, will extend the longevity of your roof, which can help raise its ROI.

Get to know the parts of your roof with this by Severe Weather Roofing, and make better decisions that can positively impact your roof’s ROI.

Roof Replacement Options -Roofing Materials - Return On Investment - Infographic Home Improvements Infographics Latest Posts

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