7 Home Renovation Projects Worth Doing Before Selling Your House


Home Renovation Projects with highest rate of returns

Every -area homeowner is anxious to obtain the highest price possible when they sell their home. There are many factors that go into how much you can expect to profit. Things like location, age, features and maintenance play a significant role in how much return on investment you can achieve.

7 Home Renovation Projects Worth Doing Before Selling Your HouseOf course, unless you own a mobile home, you have little control over its location. Luckily, you can manage the age through updates, features through renovation work, and maintenance through regular upkeep.

You can go overboard, though, so you’ll want to follow some guidelines before selecting which home renovation projects to do before selling your home.

Consider this:

HGTV statistics indicate that for every dollar spent on many home improvement projects, the ratio of cost vs. increased value is [25:75].

This means that you can receive a hefty 75 percent return on investment for many reno jobs when you sell your home. The trick is in the planning. These are proven projects that will earn you 75 percent or more ROI when you sell your home:

1Outdoor Living

2Exterior Improvements


4Repair or Upgrade Interior Flooring

5Kitchen Upgrades

6Bathroom Renovation


7 Home Renovation Projects Worth Doing Before Selling Your HouseGuest Post by Serge Bojinski
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