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Creative Home Office – Working From Home In Style

There are benefits and flaws to working at home, just like with everything else. Although people will think that there's a lot of difference between the space you use at home and at the office, the truth is that working station is just that – place where you do your job. In order to be concentrated and ready to undergo an 8-hour shift, your home office deserves some makeover and organization so you could perform your tasks at the best of your abilities. And the great thing about home office space is that you can style it just the way you want.

1.    Perfect place, perfect vibes

Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home officeNot every free space in your apartment is good to become your office, no matter the logic behind using that space. So before everything else, have a good look at your home and consider the position and atmosphere you require to work. Some people don't like to have a view on anything else but the wall, and some enjoy being exposed to the open space. A lot of at home workers actually need a separate space especially if they share the living space with someone, and those with small apartments usually end up with some improvised conditions.

Designating the space, no matter the size of your apartment is not impossible and requires some changes and planning, but in the end, it's the most important item for having the perfect and productive home office.


2.    Equipped it like a real office

Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home officeMaking sure that you have the same conditions to work at home as you would at work is imperative. But don't go ahead of yourself and clutter your space with big devices and unnecessary financial investing if you rarely need that equipment. It's better if you buy the best of what you can't work without and everything else, like copying or printing finish in the local copier office. Have IT service and Internet provider practically on speed dial, since any glitch can influence negatively your productivity. Also, separate private phone line from the business one, as well as buy a device with functions like conference call and message recorder.  Make sure you have all the technological tools you need.

3.    Lights will keep you focused

Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home officeWhen it comes to offices, the best you can do is have a natural daylight, so if you have a window use it to brighten up space. Besides it being good for the mood, a natural light is also great to keep you concentrated and focused on your tasks. If you have to use artificial light, make sure you use lights similar to daylight. You can even choose lights with a dimmer switch in order to control their brightness. Artificial sources of light are especially important if your office doesn't have windows, so the best solution is to combine general lights with those intended to replicate sunlight.

4.    Everything has its place

Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home officeThe office is easily cluttered, and you should organize a space to store all the extra materials and supplies. Also, don't fit your office anywhere before you cleared it up. This means that you'll have to get rid of some things to make room. This is usually the hardest to do since humans get too attached to things, so consider placing them in the basement or attic, or use some of the available mobile storage services, and later come up with the solution for them. One of the rewarding solutions is to sell those things you don't need and to invest that money in your home office.

5.    Your health is also in question at home office

Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home officeEven when you work at home, how you sit and the safety of your surrounding is also something to consider and include when organizing your office. Ergonomic chairs are today available almost everywhere and they range in quality and price. Also, the manner you use your computer, the way you sit at your desk, the distance from the computer screen and your posture are very relevant to prevent injury and back pain. Make sure that all power sources and sockets are in order and appropriate for the equipment you use in order to avoid surges and electrical fires.
Creative Home Office - Working From Home In Style home office
Other things, like colours, wallpapers, office supplies and corkboard are things to think about, too. You will choose them depending on the type of your business and your sensibility. The best advice is to avoid dark colours, and stick to the bright and neutral tones so you wouldn't get distracted. But whatever you decide, think about accommodating your productivity and creativity, as well as contributing to the positive and inspiring atmosphere.

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