Home Staging Video Tip 7: Focusing On The Main Rooms

Home Staging Video Tip 7: Focusing on the Main Rooms

Home Staging tip #7: Focus on the Main Rooms in the home

.Home Staging Video Tip 7: Focusing on the Main Rooms

Home buyers view each room in your home with different expectations.  Here are the main rooms and how they should appear to the prospective buyer:

Entrance Way

The entrance way will give the first impression of the home.  Is it spacious, or cramped?  Buyers usually arrive in 3's (on average) plus their agent.  So will they have enough room to comfortably move around?


The kitchen has always been the focal point of the home.  Here is where meals are prepared, and most often, guests congregate.  Is it warm, comfortable, and decluttered?

Living Room

This room, which is often the first room the buyer views, will set the tone for the house.  Is it inviting, or does it look like a museum?

Dining Room

The dining room is where special meals are held, and special celebrations take place.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom and ensuite should appear as a sanctuary from the busy lives.  Does your master bedroom project that feeling?

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Home Staging Video Tip 7: Focusing on the Main RoomsAbout the Publisher

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