Taking The Best Real Estate Photos Of Your Home

Attract Buyers With Great Photos Of Your Home


You’ve probably heard this statistic before:  95%+ of home buyers start their search on the internet.  The thing that entices them the most?  Nice looking real estate photos of your home!  If your home doesn’t stand out from the crowd of other listings-for-sale, some buyers may never bother to come and look at it.  Conversely, poor (or no photos) are a major contributor to expired listings.  Want to have a few laughs:  See some of the worst photos on the MLS right here.

As a seller, you should hire a real estate agent who takes the time and care to present your home in its’ best light:  this includes fantastic real estate photos and an enticing text description of your house or condo.

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Showing the best real estate photos

Ok, you’ve selected your listing agent, (hopefully not one who whips out his cell phone and starts taking pictures with THAT).  Your agent has called the professional photographer, and the appointment is set for tomorrow morning.  How do you get your home ready for the best pictures?  Here is how:

Staging the Kitchen

Kitchen real estate photos

The most important room in the house has always been the kitchen.  Buyers consider this the focal point of the house, where meals are prepared and often consumed, and guests marvel at the nice cupboards, size of the room etc.  Here are some of the things sellers should do in order to get the best possible photographs of this central room:

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  • Clear off the kitchen counter
  • Take all notes, magnets and pictures off the fridge
  • Hide the dish-cloth and soap
  • Obviously no dirty dishes anywhere
  • Clean, Clean, Clean…..stovetop, counters, floors
  • If you have under-counter lighting, make sure it all works


The Bathrooms

bathroom real estate photographs

Taking The Best Real Estate Photos Of Your Home real estate photosSecond only to the kitchen, are the bathrooms.  Thats because buyers realize that bathroom renovations are among the most costly renovations in any house.  Even if your baths have not been upgraded, you can still show them off, and here is how to do that:

  • No visible tooth-brushes
  • Put out a fresh soap bar, or better yet, a bottle of soap dispenser
  • Hide all cosmetics
  • Fresh towels hung from racks
  • Full roll of toilet paper on the dispenser
  • Clean, Clean, Clean….everything.



The Living Room

Living room photos

This room should look comfortable, inviting and relaxing.  NOT overstuffed with furniture, and the real estate photos should reflect this.

  • Dust and vacuum everything
  • A couple of decorative pillows on the couch
  • Lamps all work properly
  • Remove any excess furniture
  • Make sure curtains, drapes or blinds are in good condition and clean


The Dining Room

Dining room photograpis

This room sometimes becomes a hosh-posh of furniture.  It can often look like a library, a computer room, even a place to let the exercise bike collect dust.  Declutter, and follow these tips:

  • Should only contain a table, chairs and hutch
  • Less is more: Remove excess chairs
  • Take any extra centre pieces out of the table  (make it smaller)
  • Flower or Glass Vase centre-piece on the table is ok
  • Clean, Clean, Clean…..everything
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The Master Bedroom

Taking The Best Real Estate Photos Of Your Home real estate photosThis ‘sanctuary’ should appear to be relaxing, not too busy and cluttered.  Here are the tips to get this room ready for photos.

  • Remove everything off the dresser top
  • Night-tables are for a lamp and maybe one book
  • Make sure lights and lamps all work  (they will be ON during the photo-shoot)
  • Obviously, bed properly made.
  • Use a duvet (borrow one if you have to) and accent pillows
  • Make sure curtains or blinds are clean and in good condition



The Yard

backyard photos

Front and back yard are important for making that first impression a good one.  Follow these steps.

  • Curb Appeal starts with the front yard…
  • Rake leaves, clear off the driveway and sidewalk
  • Curb Appeal also includes the back yard...
  • Grass cut, any bare patches filled in
  • All toys and tools packed away

Look at it this way: There are possibly hundreds of homes in your price range, all competing for the buyers attention.  Another statistic I read recently is that the ‘average buyer looks at 11 homes before making an offer’.  If there are hundreds of homes available, but a buyer only looks at 11, how do they decide WHICH 11 homes to see?

The answer: photographs.  Buyers ‘weed out’ the homes which show poorly, and may not come to see any of those houses or condos.  Make sure that your home is in the 11!

Taking The Best Real Estate Photos Of Your Home real estate photosAll of the above real estate photos were taken by my professional real estate photographer.  Looking to sell your Winnipeg home?  Call me for a free market evaluation.

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Interested in downloading this information as a PDF?  Easy…

Infographic: Get Ready for Real Estate Photos

Taking The Best Real Estate Photos Of Your Home real estate photos

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  • These are simple, practical tips that sadly not everyone even consider when trying to sell their properties. If it’s still not clear enough by how you have so brilliantly put down in writing this great article, people should at least get this general gist of it and think this way: “It’s like your house’s formal selfie/portrait. Your house needs to look REALLY good if you want people to get interested in it enough to buy it from you”. Yes, first impressions last!

  • This so basic yet so important to keep in mind. The very first thing people will see is the appearance of your place, online or printed, so it’s really necessary to make a good first impression visually.

  • Very useful post here. I enjoyed reading the inforgraphic, it was comprehensible and organize. Great tips for the real estate owners.

  • You should definitely make the home spick and span when putting it on the market. Hiring a reliable real estate agent and taking quality pictures is also a must. Making sure the space is breathable with a fine scent is also a good way to attract buyers.

  • I like the way you started with the Kitchen. Actually if I were to buy a home, the first thing would be a spacious kitchen well furnished.

  • The real key here is cleanliness. As much as possible, youโ€™d want to make your home look like a decent place to live in, and as looking real as possible

  • With this article and the helpful tips, who needs a professional photographer to take photos of your homes? Main thing i learned here is that clear away all unnecessary things. More so, think of yourself as the person who would be viewing the photos, and list down the things that you want to see, and those that you don’t. Pretty sure the resulting photos would be great!

  • Nicely written with clear info graphics. We get to tell more about one particular room when the furnitures are at the right places. This will help a lot of people out there when they want to get involve in real estate business

  • Good tips as they always say First impression counts. In these case its vital because you are selling stuff. Everything has to be in place.

  • Thanks for these tips. Good photographs are really helpful to attract customers. Great article. Thanks for sharing!

  • Adding shutters can boost a home’s curb appeal, but so would freshening up the paint Itโ€™s a sellerโ€™s market, but homeowners still believe that getting a great price for their property hinges upon doing substantial renovations, from redoing their kitchen and bathrooms to even adding on. Itโ€™s rare, however, for sellers to see a dollar-for-dollar return on those renovations, and there are less expensive ways to make your home stand out with buyers.

  • Adding shutters can boost a home’s curb appeal, but so would freshening up the paint

  • Pretty useful tips – its crazy how often people overlook the basics like providing decent photos.
    One thing that could make an impact with large properties would be having some decent aerial photos from a drone.