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The Top 5 Items in Your Home To Throw Away Right Now

Whether you’re moving in, moving out, or renovating your space, clutter tends to pile up. Many of us know the three-pile method—one to save, one to donate, and one to toss—but what can get tossed right away? These are some of the top five items in your home to throw away right now. Cut down on your clutter today by chucking these in the trash or dumpster.

Expired Items

Go through your fridge, medicine cabinet, and vanity table. Any food, makeup, medicine, or chemical product that’s passed its expiration date can go directly into the trash. No hemming or hawing about it! Even if you think it might be salvageable, chuck it. You’re freeing up space that you can use for fresh items.

Broken Furniture

Maybe you’ve kept that chair or couch around long after it began to wobble and crack, thinking that you’d fix it one day. If it’s been months or years and that “one day” never came, get rid of it now. Tossing broken furniture in a dumpster is cathartic; move on to a new chapter in your life with a new couch or chair.

Old Papers

Any sensitive paperwork you’ve been keeping in your file cabinet can get shredded after seven years. Declutter your office by banishing any papers and receipts that are no longer useful. And don’t forget about newspapers, magazines, and catalogs—toss anything older than two months.

Bad Memories

Just because those items were a part of your life in the past doesn’t mean you need to bring them into the future. If seeing photos of yourself from a sad time in your life makes you sad, throw them away. Gifts from ex-partners with bad memories attached to them belong in the garbage, no question about it.


“Just In Case” Items

Maybe you had a pet several years ago, and you hung onto the leash and food bowl “just in case” you ever adopted another pet. Maybe you’ve got some old clothes you’ve been hoping to fit into “just in case” you reach a certain weight. No matter what it is, if it’s been years and that time never came, free up your living and brain space. Rid yourself of those items you’ll never use.

The decluttering process doesn’t have to take your whole weekend hostage. Start today by throwing out a few things you won’t miss, and enjoy some extra space when you tackle the rest of the project. Remember this list of items in your home to throw away right now and get a head start on the rest of your cleaning.

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