Backyard Renovations - 6 Project Ideas To Increase Value

Many people think that the curb appeal and an interior design are the only things that can increase the value of their homes. They might be right, but not entirely. Many of them actually neglect the back yard and leave it dry, messy and uninviting. What they don't know is that if the back yard can be used as an additional living space, the value of a home can significantly increase. So, if you're struggling with your back yard and its looks, consider the following backyard renovations.

Do some landscaping

Backyard Renovations - 6 Project Ideas To Increase Your Property Value backyard renovations
Landscaping is a very important part of backyard renovations

A well-landscaped garden has always been a big trend. Not only because your yard might look nice, but also because it looks healthy. However, landscaping your yard might seem like a tedious job, but when you think about it, there is an easier way. Look for native plants for your location and add some drought-tolerant ones into the mix.

Both of these types of plants are easy to maintain and they are usually not that expensive. Another thing to consider is adding trees and tall shrubs that will provide the yard with some shade and if you place them strategically, you can create a unitary and symmetrical look.

Here is a tip for when you're thinking of selling your home:  Take great pictures of the yard in the summer time.  If you end up selling in winter or early spring, these pictures will help sell your property to impressed buyers.

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Backyard renovations using lighting

Backyard renovations with lights
Using lights in your backyard renovations

Outdoor lighting can provide your home with at least three benefits. Firstly, it makes your backyard look beautiful and it provides a cozy atmosphere. Secondly, it creates a sense of safety for you, your family and all your visitors.

Lastly, it increases the value of your entire home, because of the first two benefits. Consider string lights on your patio or deck, use spotlights to accentuate a seating area and even consider installing lights along the paths in your yard. Everything will be well-lit, the atmosphere will be pleasant and cozy and your home will always be safe and pretty.  Lights are a simple, but very effective tool for your backyard renovations.

Add a concrete patio

A major addition in your backyard renovations project is a concrete patio
A major addition in your backyard renovations project is a concrete patio

A patio in your backyard is practically a must. It looks nice; it provides your yard with some structure, while it increases the value of your home because it is an extra living area. However, don't just place some cement blocks, a few chairs and a table and call it a day.

Instead, strive for something more. So, you can consider a concrete patio. This might make you work a little harder, but it's going to pay off. If you are skilled enough, you can make the foundation and pour the concrete yourself, but sometimes it is best to rely on professionals. Another possibility, for a more sustainable and better-looking patio, is relying on permanent formwork. It gives your patio a nice sturdy structure, it makes it more durable and your patio can even resemble a deck.

After you have done all the structure work, you can move on to decorating. Consider some wicker chairs, a nice coffee table and even a bench for the seating. However, don't forget to add some soft colorful cushions, a few plants and even a hammock for extra comfort and a homey atmosphere.

Place a pergola

Using a pergola in your backyard renovations
Using a pergola in your backyard renovations

Pergolas are a great addition to your back yard, because they can provide a nice cover for your deck, patio or any outdoor living area. These also come with a few benefits; they provide a nice shade, they leave space for placing more greenery and lighting fixtures and they can protect you from pesky bugs. You can place these yourself, of course, but if you wish for it to be done properly you can easily find professionals. Either way it pays off and leaves more space for making your outdoor living area and your backyard more beautiful and cozy.

Make your outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen as part of your backyard renovations
An outdoor kitchen as part of your backyard renovations

If you like throwing outdoor parties at home, then you must install an outdoor kitchen. It is everybody's dream to have one and they have a significant influence on the home's value. An outdoor kitchen saves you the trouble of preparing the food indoors while hosting a party during the hot summer and it provides a nice touch of luxury to your backyard. What is more, if you add a nice cover for it in the shape of a pavilion or waterproof awning, you can use your outdoor kitchen year-round, so it is worth the investment.

If your back yard looks neglected, it is time to do something about it. Consider these interesting features you can add and work on and make your entire property look luxurious. Not only will all of these increase the value of your home, but they will provide you and your family with a little extra comfort and memorable moments.  Want some more info?  Check this article on designing the perfect outdoor space.

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Backyard Renovation Projects | Add Value to your home with these backyard projects | Extend your home living space | #CurbAppeal #Backyard #Renovations #Oasis

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