Top Tips For Selling Your Winnipeg Home As Quickly As Possible

Top Tips for selling your home as quickly as possible

Helpful Tips for selling your home quickly


Thank you to Mark Hillary on Flickr

Thank you to Mark Hillary on Flickr

If you want to move to a new home quickly, there are a lot of factors to consider. Is the house you want going to be right for you and your family in the long term? Can you afford to move right now, or should you be saving for a little longer? Most importantly, can you get the right sale price for the house you are in now?  Moving house is not something that can be taken on lightly. The cost of moving house is astronomical. You will probably have substantial charges imposed on you for changing your mortgage. There are legal fees to consider. You may need to do some work to your home to get it ready for market. The house you buy may need some work to make it right for you. Then there are the costs of moving to consider too.

While moving house isn't ever going to be cheap, you may be able to cut some of the costs by considering the kind of property you want to move into. If you are in a position to be able to afford the house of your dreams, there is likely little to be done to make it right for you and your family. If you are happy to wait to change the bathroom or kitchen, and you can live happily with the current decor, then the cost of moving will be less.

If you are very house proud, chances are your home is immaculate. If it is tidy and clean, with fresh looking decor, there will be less for you to do to make it sell. Usually, when it comes time for us to want to move house, our homes have become a little tired looking and dated, so some work may be required. Dressing the house can be enough. If you have cleared the clutter and cleaned it throughout, your house may still be perfectly saleable. However, if you want top dollar for your home, you may have some work to do.

Presenting your home well so that it sells quickly at a high price will take time and effort on your part. You want people to be able to look at the Realtor's pictures of your home and see style, sophistication, space and sanctuary. If the pictures speak volumes to a potential buyer then you should get plenty of viewings. The more viewings you have, the more competition there is for people to buy your house. This leads to quick offers of high value.

Clear everything out of your home that isn't absolutely essential. Use a storage unit if you can't find a friend to look after the things you don't want to throw away. Strip everything back. If there is no clutter, the house will look as big as it can be. Make sure each room is dressed for the purpose. If your dining room doubles up as a gym, you are going to have to find alternative ways of exercising for a month or two while people are viewing the house. A dining room should contain a well dressed dining table and chairs. Little else belongs in there. Clear away kids toys, but always leave a hint of the purpose of children's bedrooms and playrooms.

Once all the clutter is gone, and the furniture is in the right place, you need to turn your attention to the outside of your house. If the brickwork is looking shabby, try adding some shabby chic shutters to open up the ‘eyes' of your house. The effect of shutters next to the window is similar to mascara on your eyes. Look at the house from the street. If the planting is looking a bit wild, you need to tame it and trim it until it looks neat and tidy. Clean the windows, door and porch. Check there are no stains on the drive, and park your car somewhere else for the photos and viewings. That way, viewers will think the drive is big, and the quality of your car won't affect opinion on the house itself. If the neighbor's garden isn't looking great, perhaps you can tactfully offer some help to tidy it up a little.

Look at your paintwork, walls and flooring thoroughly. The vast majority of people want a house they can move into without having to clean or decorate first. If you want top price, you have to present exactly that. Touch up any small problem areas. If the areas are a little bigger, think about decorating. You will need to factor in the cost and time of this. Alternatively, accept the price you will be offered will be down a little from your asking price.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

Once you have done all you can to dress your house right, you will, hopefully, very quickly be inundated with inquiries and viewings. You can let you Realtor handle this or choose to be around to answer any questions. As soon as you have your sale you will need to think about removal companies like The professionals movers from Chicago to help you pack up and move. Using a removal company will spare you any injuries or extra time off from having to handle large size or large amounts of furniture and heavy items.

Some removal companies will even pack for you, leaving you extra time and energy to focus on cleaning your house up ready for the new people to move in. When you move into a house, you want it to be clean and fresh and trash-free, so think about offering the buyers of your house the same courtesy. Moving all your belongings out reveals dust bunnies, mold and other nasties that have been hidden for years, so don't be surprised if this task takes longer than you had hoped. Some people hire cleaning companies to come in and do this work, but it won't be cheap.

Before you hand over the keys of your old house, check all the little storage places you may not have used in a long time. The attic may have little corners, or under the stairs. Always look up. Light shades and tops of fitted cupboards often get forgotten too.

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