Is It Time To Lock In Your Mortgage, Or Leave It Open?

Is it time to lock in your Mortgage, or leave it open?

Mortgage: Lock in or leave it open?

Although experts seem to disagree about when mortgage rates will go up, and by how much, most of them agree on one thing:  They ARE poised to go higher.  Now, they've been saying that for a couple of years, and one of these days they'll be ‘proven right'.  So what is YOUR opinion?  Will they go up enough to make you want to lock in long-term?  Or will you continue to leave it open, thereby getting the lowest rates possible, but gambling on the rates remaining low?

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Is it time to lock in your Mortgage, or leave it open?About the Publisher

Bo Kauffmann is a residential real estate agent with over 18 yrs experience in helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  Inducted into the REMAX Hall of Fame in 2010 and receiving the REMAX Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, Bo has sold over 500 houses and condos in the Greater Winnipeg market.  He is an accredited buyer representative (A.B.R.) and a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist.   Bo provides exceptional service to First-Time Home-Buyers, Seniors looking to downsize and Home Sellers of all ages.   He can be reached easily   By E-Mail or call/text him   Call/Text Here

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