Stylish Blinds And Curtains Options For Your Home

Stylish Blinds and Curtains Options For Your Home

The windows of a house should always be decently covered to save the room from harsh weather as well as maintain the privacy of the occupants. There are numerous varieties of blinds and curtains available in the market. These window covers also serve in improving the aesthetics of the rooms. So, homemakers carefully choose the curtains and blinds to drape the windows, to blend with the wall color and furnishings.

Decorative blinds and curtains available on the market

Environment friendly blinds

Now it is a trend to use lightweight and organic blinds, which are also environment friendly and effective in insulating the rooms from the outer heat or cold. The stylish blinds made of bamboo are highly useful in providing privacy and make the room look more elegant. Wooden sticks are also alternatively used in making blinds with natural looks, though bamboo is more preferred because of its low cost.


blinds and curtains

Update the look of your home with beautiful blinds and curtains

Colourful curtains

Many people use different colours in their curtains for living rooms and bedrooms, matching the colours of other furnishings and the interior decor of the rooms. In case of printed fabrics, the combination of white and black or navy blue is the widespread choice of the modern homemakers. The interior decorators now prefer the use of softer shades of blue, green, lavender and gray, as the base colours for window treatments in bedrooms to give a soothing calmness to the ambiance. But the living room windows can be covered with bright coloured fabrics like orange or golden colours, depending on the colour scheme used in the rooms. The kids' rooms should be decorated with lively patterned curtains, like bright coloured flowers or motifs of cute animals or cartoon figures that will cheer up the children.

Gorgeous fabrics used in curtains

Usually, people prefer to use a bit expensive fabrics for the curtains of living rooms and bedrooms; like velvet, satin, silk and damasks, which enrich the appearance of the rooms. The addition of some embellishments like beaded tussles and crystals make these luxurious curtains look more stunning to the visitors. In warm places, lighter fabrics, like silk and cotton are more used; while in colder areas, heavier textures of fur and suede are also used to help keep off the biting cold outside the window.

Stylish Blinds and Curtains Options For Your Home blinds and curtains

Depends on window types

One should not expect all window types to look good with the same window treatment. So, the homemaker needs to choose the types of curtains and blinds according to the windows that need to be covered. In case of tall floor-to-ceiling windows that are mainly used in the dining spaces, heavier drapes of velvet or damasks are mostly preferred. The short-sized windows of the kitchens and bathrooms are mostly covered with fashionable blinds, which will ensure better privacy in these places. Normal-sized windows of corridors or bedrooms can be adorned with pleated or slightly opaque cellular shades or blinds for filtering sunshine into the rooms, while maintaining the privacy of the occupants. If someone wants to totally block the natural light in bedrooms, the double-layered cellulose shades may be used.

Check the maintenance required

Usually, the lighter fabrics of curtains can be simply washed with mild detergent and water, so these curtains can be used where there is more chance of being easily soiled, like in the children's bedrooms or study rooms. The blinds used in kitchens should be easily washable, as these will be covered more often with oil and smoke caused while cooking.

In short, the right blinds and curtains can make a major impact on your home in terms of appearance and value. It, therefore, is important that you choose your curtains and blinds with care so that it fulfils all your requirements.

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