Home Staging Quick-Tip #5: Furniture And Lighting

Home Staging Tip #5: Furniture Placement and Lighting


Home Staging Quick-Tip #5: Furniture and Lighting

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Home Sellers are finding that Home Staging can help them obtain the best offers possible on their houses and condos.  No matter the real estate market, whether its hot or slow, staging will help show off your home and put it in its best light.  There are many professional home staging companies which are well trained, certified and experienced in helping sellers stage their homes.  In fact, I have used and recommended Home Staging companies on numerous occasions, with great results.  For the do-it-yourselfer, however, Re/Max has developed a 10-part video series on “Home Staging”.  In episode 5, we focus on a topic which most people associate with the topic of home staging: Furniture Placement.

Home Staging: Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is a crucial part of home staging.  It helps to show off each room and help buyers visualize the traffic flow in the home.  There are a couple of possible pitfalls when considering furniture.

1) If possible, use furniture which is in good repair.  Broken or abused pieces act as a distraction

2) Make sure your furniture is not too large for the room

3) Don’t use too much furniture.  Leave room to move.

Another element discussed in this part of the series is the topic of “Lighting” in your home.  A dimly lit home will not show well, so make sure all lights work properly, and use the maximum allowed wattage in each light.  Congratulations if you are energy-conscientious and use the twisty, flourescent bulbs, BUT…for the showing period of the home, consider using brighter alternatives.  Make sure all light switches are in good repair, including their cover plates.

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