An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging Tips


When you are trying to sell your home, you have to expect a number of people visiting, looking into every corner, inspecting and valuing your property. And that is how it should be – after all, that is the point of buying a place. However, what happens when someone requests a short notice, unexpected showing?  An agents calls and asks if they can come in 30 minutes?  How can you stage your home perfectly in only a handful of minutes? Here are some quick tips and tricks.

Unexpected Showing – Home Seller Strategies for Quick

Declutter, Quick!

An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging Tips
Simple decluttering is an important part of

The first thing someone notices is not a pile of dust on your bookshelves, but a pile of clothes and other clutter on your furniture. That is why collecting and hiding it out should be high on your list of priorities when doing your home staging. This job can be done in minutes, literally – just grab the biggest laundry basket you have, throw the clutter in it and find a good hiding place. If you have unoccupied space under the stairs or in the closet, that will do the trick.


Dishes, Kitchenware, Utensils

An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging Tips
For the unexpected showing, fixing the is paramount.

has always been one of potential buyers’ favorite rooms around the house and you cannot expect them to visit you without scanning the kitchen as well. However, they will not appreciate dirty dishes left in the sink or used utensils scattered around. That is why keeping one of your kitchen drawers empty is a good idea – when in a rush to make your kitchen presentable, you can just toss everything in there. That goes for dishes, utensils and everything else found on your countertops.



Clean the Carpet

An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging TipsDecluttering will make your buyers realize that you are a responsible homeowner, but presenting them a clean house will make them love it even more. Therefore, always keep the vacuum cleaner close and use it should the need arise. Running it over your carpets a few times will make them instantly cleaner, but what to do if your carpet is full of deep stains? That is why owning a Steam Australia commercial steam cleaner is such a good idea because it takes care of permanents stains in a matter of seconds and will surely help you impress potential buyers.


A Scent of a New Home

An Unexpected Showing: 5 Quick How-To Home Staging Tips
Scent or Odours and an often overlooked aspect of home staging

Do not forget that nobody is going to want to buy a home that stinks – who would want to spend their future covered in odour? Due to that, you should always have an air freshener nearby when you are displaying your property. It can be sprayed when you hear the door bell and, within a second or two, your home will smell much nicer and be more welcoming. Ultimately, this little trick will surely help you sell your place. Don’t overdo this little trick however, as buyers become suspicious of overly deodorized homes.


Do Not Panic

When faced with a lack of time, the most important thing to remember is not to panic – yes, the buyers are coming and your home is not in a perfect state, but that is not the end of the world. The buyers will have been told that this was an unexpected showing, and they appreciate the home sellers accommodating them.  In fact, buyers will feel that they are getting a more realistic, every-day presentation of the home and see how the sellers live.  As long as you take out the trash and display your home’s best features, you are good to go and will surely meet all open house-related expectations and requests.


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