Synthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect For Your Home

Why Synthetic Wicker might just be perfect for your home or patio


Synthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your Home
Wicker Furniture from Bridgman

Most homes these days tend to have patios and in recent years decking has become a trend which just seems to be growing with every passing summer. As humans we love to be outdoors in the fresh air, especially when the weather’s good or, let’s face it, not below freezing.

Thanks to what many scientists insist is global warming, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of extreme weather over the past few years. As a result it’s made our decking areas, if left uncovered, slippery and rather hazardous. But what the constant dripping of water has done to our patio furniture hardly bears thinking about. Rusted metal tables and wonky plastic chairs – we’ve seen it all and are now paying for those late nights when we went to bed declaring that we’d tidy up and put the patio furniture away the following morning.

And that’s why we’ve had to look for robust patio furniture which can put up with the extremes in temperature that Winnipeg receives.

Synthetic wicker is one such material. It looks just like the real thing (i.e. cane or natural wicker) but won’t fall apart or lose its looks with the rain and sun’s rays – even if it’s left out uncovered. That’s because it’s constructed from polyethylene – an extremely robust plastic like material.


When applied to an aluminium frame the wicker is like a shield from the rain and other weather hazards ensuring the chair – or table – remains as good looking as the day it was purchased. It can in fact withstand temperatures ranging from minus 70 to plus 80 degrees centigrade.


Advantages of synthetic wicker


  • It’s a lightweight material so very easy to move around when you fancy a change of scene in your garden
  • It is available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors
  • It can survive even the most extreme changes in temperature, from sub-zero winters to scorching summers.
  • Works out very inexpensive considering it’ll last for decades
  • It doesn’t absorb dirt in the same way plastic would so it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance to continue to look and feel good


Synthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your Home

Wicker sofa set from Bridgman


Personally we believe the most impressive aspect of synthetic wicker is the looks factor. It’s just so stylish!


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Synthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your HomeSynthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your HomeSynthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your Home

Synthetic Wicker Furniture Perfect for your Home


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