Downsizing To A Winnipeg Condo? What You Need To Know!

Things to know when downsizing

Downsizing to a Condo Here’s What You Need to Know1The condo market is becoming more attractive as many people choose to trade their big houses for a smaller home that will fit their needs. Downsizing has many benefits as it eliminates some of the responsibilities related to the bigger living space. These advantages come to at a certain price. The maintenance taxes can be an issue for prospective condo owners. However, the real challenge when moving to a condo is getting used to the smaller space.


Getting a new property is a long –term investment so you need to consider it carefully. It is not clear whether you will obtain in the future more value with condo or a house. It depends on the property’s location, the demand for the specific place and the condition of real estate market as well as renovations and improvements.

In case you have paid off your mortgage, selling your house will provide you with sufficient amount of cash. Condo prices appreciate at slower rate, which makes them more affordable. This option will leave you some funds at your disposal. You can use them to decorate your new home or sponsor an activity that you prolonged because of money issues.

There are certain costs associated with owning a home like mortgage, taxes and insurances. Don’t think that moving to a condo will eliminate completely your expenses. Property taxes are still on the table. You will also be required to pay for condo fees.


Moving to a condo is a big change, especially when you previously lived in a huge house. Downsizing can impact your life in many ways. You need to decrease the amount of your belongings. You should also hire a removal company and think of a storage facility. You can donate or give away the items that you don’t need.


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Before moving house, think how much personal space you want. In your old home you probably lived with your family. The situation with the condo is very different. Your neighbors will be quite close. Plus you might not have a personal outdoor space.


The residents enter a contractual agreement. They are obliged to conform to certain restrictions and conditions. These rules serve to regulate everything from inferior modifications to pets and parking. Before making any home improvements, you should first check your contract.


Condos provide access to prime locations and a diversity of activities. One of the best things about condos is the luxury amenities. At a very low price you can take advantage of the shared facilities like swimming pools and fitness centers. Of course, this depends on the type of complex. Some developments provide you with different security measures like guarded parking. This is ideal for people who travel often. The downside is that not all of the residents want or will take advantage of these services, but they still need to pay for them.

Moving to a condo is a big step. Consider it carefully by taking into account both your financials and lifestyle.

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Tom Kulik

This one is awesomely looking one of the most exceptional information about downsizing. The regarding information is extremely looking just most promising about it. It’s truly one of the incredible contents about it. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Kern

First step you should take is list the items you like and can’t live without. Compare sizes of your room to room of similar dimensions in your present home. Also don’t forget to include storage area.

Eric scott

It is good to cut down your useless items before you are going to move to another location. Some moving companies offer you the service of waste collection and dispose them in a safe manner.


What a fantastic Top 10 list. Planning and organizing are the keys to success when downsizing. And being a little bit ruthless when it comes to deciding on what stays and what goes.

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