5 Clever Tips For Small Kitchens - Home Renovations Projects

There is a big difference between cozy and claustrophobic. Too many people renovate their homes, trying to make the most out of a small space, only to make it stuffy and cluttered. Or, in their quest to make the area feel more open and spacious, it ends up feeling too cold or bare. Here are our top tips on how to make a small kitchen feel cozy.

Clever Tips For Small Kitchens
small kitchens can feel spacious and cozy

Let some light in

According to the kitchen renovations company, Houseace, getting as much natural light as you can will open up your kitchen and make it feel more spacious without feeling cold. If you can, have the view from your kitchen window look right outside into the outdoors. Maybe it can point towards a deck, with a beautiful backyard, or a lush, warm garden.

Houseace also say you can open up your kitchen with the right paint color. White paint reflects light so it makes an area feel more spacious than it really is. When you use it on your walls, countertops and ceiling, along with mirrors, glass and reflective materials, you’ll really open up your kitchen. But, use different shades of neutral colors or whites, or mix up different textures to give the space a warm feel. Going ‘too white’ can make a space feel cold.

Go with reflective materials

Like opting with neutral colors, shiny surfaces (like glass) help create an illusion of space. They bounce light and make your kitchen feel and seem larger. They pick up and reflect hues from the walls and cabinets, amplifying their effects. Namely, getting a cabinet door with glass, for example, can trick the eye and make you think that the kitchen is much larger than it actually is.

Your eyes will be pulled into the cabinet, instead of getting blocked by doors and walls. It’s all about illusions and the feeling of openness. We also suggest you get light-colored (or even white) woodwork so that you can maximize the effects these can have.

Furthermore, using glass and reflective materials can also help with making your home more energy-efficient. You will need less light to light up the entire place, saving up on your electricity bill, using fewer lighting fixtures.

Don’t go overboard with contrasts

Clever Tips For Small Kitchens

First things first – commit to your colors. Sticking to the latest kitchen renovation trends is all well and good, but don’t go overboard with contrasts. In larger kitchens, you can always stick to more combinations, but for smaller places, too much contrast can segment and restrict the entire area.

We suggest you keep things light and bright and add color through things like window treatments, tea towels, accessories… You can try out accent lighting, like getting lights beneath your upper cabinets. Instead of using ceiling lights, getting fixtures in the middle will open the place up, erasing and softening shadows that usually cramp the area up.

There is a place for everything

If you leave things out in your kitchen, they will eat up free space and make the area feel much smaller than it actually is. Cookbooks, spices, small appliances – these all draw away attention from the kitchen.

Get some cabinets, concealed storage racks, pull out shelves, swing shelves, everything to maximize your space. You want cozy, not cluttered. Your kitchen worktops should be relatively free except for furnishings such as flowers or a coffee machine etc.

Get spacious cabinets

Consider getting larger, taller cabinets. We are not saying to fill the entire kitchen up with extra shelves and other storage furniture. What we are saying, however, is that getting taller cabinets can maximize vertical space, without filling the entire place up. Keep things simple; keep the colours light and don’t go with intricate, complicated designs that will make the entire place seem busy.

Final thoughts

And there you have it folks, a couple of tips and tricks on keeping your small kitchen as comfy as possible. Think about how you use accents and avoid sharp visual contrasts. Get some cabinets, and try to implement glass. Remember that there is a place for everything, and to always get some natural light in. Spacious, tall cabinets help you maximize space and make the most out of your kitchen.

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Nice tips, it’s really an art to make a small space feel spacious. I tend to overstuff my kitchen island with dinnerware, baskets, and other items so my small kitchen always looks smaller than it really is lol. Anyone shares a similar experience raise your hands haha

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