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6 Cost Saving Tips

Moving to a new place is utterly exciting, knowing that you will have fantastic experiences. However, it comes with extra expenses since you need packing supplies and movers as well. For this reason, if you have a tight budget, you need to strategize on how to trim moving costs. Here are some techniques that you can use to save on moving costs, and move seamlessly to your dream home.

  1. Declutter Your Items

The first step in minimizing moving expenses is by downsizing your belongings. You can donate to charities, especially clothing, if you have them in plenty. As for furniture and cooking items, you can sell them online via Poshmark and eBay. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale so that your neighbours can buy some of your stuff. This way, when you move, you will have few things to pack; hence, it cuts the expenses and packing time as well. 

  1. Pack with Friends and Family

If movers pack all the items for you, it means that you will have to pay extra charges. However, you can reduce the expenses by packing on your own with the help of family and friends. Ensure that you cook adequate food so that you don't have to order pricey meals. Plus, you can assign everyone a room to pack to make the process smooth. Put on some great music and watch all the items get in their respective boxes.6 Cost Saving Tips save on moving costs

  1. Use Your Packing Supplies

Boxes are expensive, especially if you have a lot of belongings that include delicate items. On that account, you can shop around for packing supplies, including tapes for sealing the boxes. It will save you some money since the moving company sells the materials at high prices. If you have a timeline for relocating, you can start by assembling the packing supplies one by one. You can get them from retailers at a reasonable price. Remember to get some newspapers as they come in handy as well. You can obtain some empty boxes from your office or ask from friends as well.

  1. Relocate During Off-Peak Seasons

6 Cost Saving Tips save on moving costs

Moving off-peak times can help you save on moving costs

You can decide to relocate when the moving companies are not in high demand since you can get affordable services. You can save some money during April and October since many people are not looking for new homes. For this reason, you can organize yourself so that you can be on the road during spring, winter, or fall. Plus, you can try the weekdays instead of weekends as you will get cheaper moving rates. Summer is the worst time to move since many people find it the ideal time to search for homes.

But even here you can save on moving costs by NOT moving during the very beginning or end of a month.  If possible, select a possession date that is midweek, during the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

  1. Research on Moving Companies

There are tons of moving companies that you can hire to help you with the whole process. You only need to get an estimate of the charges depending on the destination and items that you have. This way, you can make a comparison to rental trucks and determine the best that suits you. Ensure that you look for a reputable organization and try to bargain for a fair deal. Professional movers are reliable if you get a company that is within your budget.

  1. Ship Some Stuff

If you have a collection of books, you can ship them to the destination at a lower cost. Ensure that you use durable boxes so that your items can arrive safely in perfect condition. You can look at the postage costs so that you can get an affordable price. It will depend on the weight of your package and the distance that the company will cover. The highlight is that you can arrange for pickup so that you won't spend a dime taking the goods to the post office. Shipping is the best method if you will be relocating farther from your location.

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Final Thoughts About Save On Moving Costs

You can reduce costs by utilizing the above methods to save money and make the moving process seamless. At the end of the exercise, you can use the amount to buy food and other essential items in the house. There are expenses like boxes and means of transport that you can't avoid, but you can access them cheaply. Thus, it is prudent to shop around for the best companies that offer lenient rates.

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