Improving Your Curb Appeal With An Outdoor Light Pole

Improving Your Curb Appeal With An Outdoor Light Pole

Nowadays, many homeowners take the initiative to design their living room in their outdoor space to enjoy fresh air and beautiful view. Keeping this in mind, the home designers have shared some brilliant ideas on how to decorate the exterior space of your property. You can add a few seating furniture to relax while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. To extend its beauty further, you can think of installing a decorative outdoor light pole. Hence, you can walk around your yard or garden even during night.

Reasons for using an outdoor light pole

You can beautify your entrance by adding decorative lighting fixtures and accessories. They are ideal for any type of home. They will make your home welcoming as well look attractive to your guests and relatives. You can deck up outdoor space from your entrance to the driveway. Many dealers offer a fine selection of outdoor light pole from top rated brands with many different styles.

Improving Your Curb Appeal With An Outdoor Light Pole outdoor light poleThe fact about outdoor light pole that it is useful for residential as well as commercial spaces makes it favourite choice. Commercial light poles are visible in many public spots and amusement parks, stadiums, parking lots, etc. Again, the residents also use them in their gardens, yards, patio, and porch to attain a pleasant environment or light up pathways. Some establishments use theses light poles merely for both illumination and security purposes. A few common applications of outdoor light posts are –

  • Functional: The exterior light poles greatly serve the purpose of illuminating a large space. Once installed, the outdoor space becomes more functional. You can enjoy the sweet cold breeze outside in the summer season. You can even read a novel under such light post.
  • Decorative: The designs of light poles are extremely elegant and unique. They have the features to make your outdoor space more pleasant and wonderful. In fact, many landscape professionals take their full advantage for decorative landscaping. They also offer ambient lighting to a specific point in your garden or yard.

Diverse styles of outdoor light poles

If you have decided to make use of light poles, you have to first identify the area where you want it. You need to determine the type and size of the light pole. Moreover, custom pole service rendering designs as per the demand of the customer reflects their personality and aesthetic sense. Taller light poles cover a larger area while the shorter ones offer softer illumination. Some common styles are: –

  • Transitional
  • Traditional
  • Mediterranean
  • Nautical
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Tropical

How to install an outdoor light pole

Nowadays, people add value to property by fixing an outdoor light pole. You can find various types of light poles with electrifying features. Though there are qualified electricians to install a light pole, you can take an initiative for a DIY project if you have electrical experience and expertise.

The outdoor light pole installation needs necessary precautions. The costing can vary depending on various factors. If you are planning to accomplish the installation task on your own, the following steps might be useful.

  1. Digging a deep hole using a digger
  2. Filling the hole with gravel
  3. Digging a trench from the light pole to electricity source
  4. Filling the trench
  5. Installing the PVC conduit
  6. Feeding the wires
  7. Filling the light posthole with cement
  8. Setting the post with cement
  9. Wrapping the pole with straps or rope
  10. Making the wire connections
  11. Securing the light by tightening screws


Therefore, you can install a stylish custom light pole in your garden to make your home appear more impressive.

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