Timber Doors For Your Home: Adding Beauty And Security

Timber Doors for Your Home: Adding Beauty and Security

Advantages of Timber Doors for your home

Since the beginning of time, humans were primarily concerned about their safety. So, the first thing which came to the minds of early men, after building their house, was that an obstruction could be used to stop the advance of the things which might cause them harm. Doors were created out of to that necessity. Doors are the first thing a visitor sees while visiting your house. Timber doors are the best one which will reflect your elegance and you can also protect your property by installing these solid wood timber doors. Apart from that, if you find any cracks on these doors in future then you can repair the timber door at a low cost, and you do not need to replace the whole door as a metal one.

Timber Doors for Your Home: Adding Beauty and Security timber doorsTypes of timber doors available in the market

In this modern age, there are various materials available which are used to create the doors. Solid timber entrance doors are still quite in fashion and can give a grand impression about you. The following classification is based only upon the type of material used for construction. The several types of doors are:

  • Wooden Doors: These have been in fashion for a long time. Woods doors provide sufficient security. This can be made locally – both in terms of the source of the materials and the labor used for construction. Modern paints and waterproofing techniques can be used on it.
  1. Battened and Ledged Door: This was the type of door used before the implementation of solid wood doors. Such doors are constructed of vertical wood planks strengthened by horizontal wooden ledges.
  2. Paneled doors: Such doors are in trend now days. Most of them are constructed out of wood, although other materials such as plastics have also been used.

Although wooden doors offer sufficient strength and durability, doors are also made of other materials such as PVC, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, FRC (fiber reinforced plastics) are often used. For indoor usage, glass doors can also be used. But the timber doors can provide you the best longevity which you cannot avail by buying these metal and PVC doors.

Timber Doors for Your Home: Adding Beauty and Security timber doorsWhy would you choose the wooden doors?

  • The Wood: It is obvious while looking for Solid timber entrance doors, wood is first point of interest. Wood is a natural product, which can decorate your home in a proper manner. Maybe you are using home furniture, bed and tables made with wood and you want to install some metal doors in your entrance. It will look odd and it is suggested to install the wooden door with the same shades, which you have already applied on your furniture.
    1. Solid Wood: This type is often desired. A solid piece of wood is utilized to create the door. The characteristics of the door are then dependent on the type of wood used. Such door often needs to be painted to prevent environmental and water damage to the door.
    2. Structurally Engineered wood: This type compromises of wood, which has been manipulated by human beings to increase the strength of the wood.

So, secure your home and decorate your entrance with some wooden doors.

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