Adding A Kitchen Island To Your Winnipeg Home

Adding a Kitchen Island to your Home

Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Home

One aspect of decor that many people find alluring is the kitchen island. These tabletop surfaces can hold virtually any function that you need and add a great deal to the aesthetics of the room. Smaller kitchens may have difficulty adding the island as it may greatly diminish usable floor space. However, they can add a great deal of functionality to the room if your area is able to support the addition.

1. Tabletops

Kitchen islands such as the one above can have multiple functions when you need an area to feed the children breakfast and/or lunch. This example shows how enough surface space is available for light dining while providing a small sink for various tasks. Islands such as these will incorporate various drawers for silverware, place mats and various other additions that are commonly found in the room.

2. Place and Use

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You don't have to remodel the kitchen in order to add an island. In the example above, you can find a country style look and simply place it where you want. Small units such as these can fit in a variety of kitchens and can easily be moved to suit the owner's fancy. If you want it up against a wall, move it over. If you want it in the middle of the kitchen during the holidays, then that can be accomplished as well. In this example, the folding leaf can add extra space if you need such while you are preparing meals.

3. Appliances

Islands don't have to be merely tabletop designs for eating or preparing meals. They can also be designed to provide a practical function such as housing your stove and/or oven. In the example above, a gas stove had been installed in the island complete with six separate burners, which is perfect for preparing large meals for the family. This design shows there is enough counter space available to prepare various foods or providing a place to rest your cookbook as you create your culinary masterpiece.

4. Saving Space

Some homes have a kitchen but lack sufficient space for a dining room. Islands such as this example on shows how the island can be designed to serve several purposes simultaneously. While the tabletop allows for sufficient room for dining, the island itself houses the oven and stove along with other accoutrements. This could greatly help you deliver a dining area for your family if your home is short on space. Even if the space emerges slightly into the living room, the aesthetics along could make the area feel more open than it would be for the kitchen.

When determining your own kitchen island, make sure that you have plenty of walking space around the installation. Although the room may “look” like it can handle the additional structure, you could inadvertently cut your kitchen off from the rest of the home or make utilizing the island uncomfortable because of insufficient floor space. Not every kitchen will be able to accommodate such a lovely addition unless you plan on remodeling the entire room from scratch. However, some can be quite small and mobile to add more functionality to the room. Even a small island that is two-feet by three-feet can be of some use to even the tiniest of kitchens.

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