Wall Tiles in your bathroom: Many uses and benefits


Wall Tiles for your bathroom

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Wall tiles have always been popular because of the huge range of styles and colors available and the fact that they have so many uses. Think of wall tiles in the home and a lot of people will instant think of the bathroom, but that isn’t the only room in your home where they can be used and will look great.

Many benefits of wall tiling

Obviously the bathroom is the most popular room in the home for wall tiles because not only do they look great but they are also impenetrable to water, meaning that they can be used in showers and on the wall between the top of your bath tub and the ceiling to provide a waterproof barrier. They can also be used as a splash-back behind wash basins as this area can often get wet and wall tiles are better for dealing with this than painted walls, even if bathroom specific paint has been used. As these three areas are usually covered with wall tiles in a lot of homes, people decorating will often tile all remaining walls in a bathroom to give continuity and also because wall tiles are so easy to clean, are hard wearing and long lasting.

Importance of waterproofing

Showers have become increasingly popular in modern homes over the past 20 to 30 years, with more and more people seeing them as a quick and convenient alternative to a bath. A lot of homes now have a shower that is combined with the bath tub as this is cheaper than having a separate shower cubicle installed. It is also a space saver in a room which is normally the smallest room in the house. If you have a shower in your bathroom then it is essential that you completely waterproof the area that will be in contact with water. Failing to do this can have disastrous consequences. Flooding into downstairs rooms is common in homes where bathrooms haven’t been properly insulated and leaks can also affect wooden joists causing them to rot and making the structure of your home unsafe. Ceramic wall tiles combined with waterproof grout and waterproof sealant specifically made for baths and showers is the most cost effective way of making this area completely waterproof.


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  1. Hello Author, I agree that from the last 2 or 3 decades the use of showers has increased tremendously and thus the use of bathroom tiles has got its own importance. Not only this, these tiles are the backbones for the beautification of the bathroom, as you said it is now an important part of home. I like the way you described the different uses of tiles. I appreciate your tips and ideas. Thanks and keep writing such awesome articles!
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