Steps To Preparing Your Children For Moving To A New Home

How To Prepare Your Children For Moving To A New Home

Moving (with children) to a new home

All moves are different. You may be calling me to move across the city or you're relocating to Winnipeg from across the nation. Either way I am here to help! Think about this; you may be prepared for the upcoming move but are your children ready?  Here are some great tips to help you in preparing your children for your upcoming move in Winnipeg:

Preparing Your Children for the Move

First Things First. Be Transparent – There are all types of reasons why people have to move into a new home. Often times children do not understand why families have to move and one of the first things you can do with your children is educate them on your current circumstances and living situation. A common reason families move across town is for a shorter work commute or closer to other family members. Maybe you are relocating to Winnipeg from another area for a new job or career opportunity. Often times, families find out they will be expanding with a new little one and there is not enough space where you currently live. There are endless reasons why families move.  Regardless, maintain your transparency and sit down with them to answer any questions they may have.


Bring the Kids House Hunting – This is always one of the more fun parts of moving with kids. Start by searching for homes in Winnipeg online and once you have found a few good ones, let them come with you to evaluate the selection of new homes. Let them feel like you are including them in on the decision making. Obviously the final decision will ultimately come down to what works best for your family but making them feel included will help with the process if your child is having a hard time. Whether you are renting or buying, I can help you find the perfect new home in Winnipeg.  Near the right amenities and within the school district you are looking to enrol your children in.

Saying Goodbye to the Old

Throw a Going Away Party – A great step in preparing your children for the move is to throw a going away party with friends. Parents, this isn't just for the kids – invite your friends too! Don't forget to take photos and videos to secure those long-lasting memories on film. This will also help with any separation anxiety your child may have, if your child is having a tough time making new friends, you can always sit down and go through old pictures or watch the videos to cheer them up.

Separation Anxiety – If you're moving to Winnipeg from out of town and your child is having a hard time, it is imperative that you are sensitive to your child's feelings.  They may already know that they will have to leave their current friends and make new ones. If your children are old enough to be on social media, it will help make the transition as they can stay connected with their closest childhood friends through those channels.

Have a Last Meal – This tip is small but good. Keep it strictly to your family members and have a last meal in your house before you move. Sit down a night or two before and figure out what each person wants to eat.  Then make everyone's favourite dish for one final meal in the old house.  All of these will help in preparing your children for their new adventure, and make YOUR move more enjoyable in the process.

Have you moved into a new home with children recently? Were you able to make a successful move into your new home without any issues? Leave a comment and help other families who are planning an upcoming move with children. 

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