Top 5 Trendy Kitchen Remodelling Tips For 2014

Top 5 trendy kitchen remodelling tips for 2014

#Kitchen remodel trends for next year



The New Year is just around the corner and people have already started planning for the remodelling project that they wish to execute with their existing home. Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of a house and special trends have already been set up by different house remodellers for the upcoming year that is 2014. Let us now, discuss the top five trends for kitchen remodelling.


It is really necessary that you provide enough isle space, as much as of 4 feet beet the opposite working areas and around 3 feet of space elsewhere. It is essential that you remodel the counter space with proper management, for instance you will need to keep a 42 inches of space for the mixing area and about 12 inches of area at both sides of the island cooking top.

Material Choice

You will need to think carefully when it is about choosing the right material for your kitchen remodelling project. Try to go with the latest trend, but still keep in mind that how the material can suit to your kitchen needs and the after maintenance options.  Try to plan accordingly. It is completely upon you, whether you would prefer a light or darker shades for wood. If you do decide on lighten dark shaded wood then it is best for you to whitewashing and stripping it. Try to paint the cabinets with a semi or full gloss alkyd paint. You might like it to embellish the cabinets with hand painted or stencilled designs. #homerenos

Dressing up

Now, it is time that you dress up the cabinets with the best possible options. Try using door insets of beveled, leaded or etched glass or may be with simple panes. Even the plain front cabinets start looking stylish when you paint them with stock moulding as it instantly adds a traditional flair to them. You can also try using updated cupboards to new hinges, decorative pulls and handles.


The trend of glass splashes started from the year 2010 and this New Year, you definitely need to employ them in your kitchen area. You can compliment them with naturally looking stone tiles or you can also stick with ceramic and porcelain tiles styles. Many people do think that having darker shaded cabinets will make the kitchen look small. However, if you smartly incorporate the light shaded glass back-splashes and counter tops, then easily a lot of drama will be created.


If your kitchen space is small and want to create some dramatic and excitement within the kitchen, then it is not necessary that you stick with bold options. Try getting the over sized light fixtures and then shade them with black fabric. This way, you will be able to create quite a dramatic effect. LED lighting is another energy efficient option that will ensure that you don't have to huge bills at the end of the mo0nth. You can trace them above the washing counter wall line and lining the cabinets. Conclusion Now, you can always visit home remodelling websites and kitchen designing blogs for more information about the latest trends on kitchen remodelling for 2014. Summary: Kitchen remodelling is an essential part of home construction project. It is necessary that you follow the latest trends for 2014 when remodelling the kitchen area.


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