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Is your home is an early 20th century house in Winnipeg's older neighbourhoods? Or do you live in one of the modern marvels found in new developments? No matter, Builders incorporated the latest technology and building producst which were  available at that time. We are now seeing smart home techonologies incorporated into homes. We can also expect to see smart home features listed in real estate listings, right alongside the number of bathrooms and bedrooms.  This will extend to home security systems as well.

But what does smart home mean exactly?

It means a home that is able to communicate, adapt and alert you, the homeowner, when something isn't right. The  technology is available now and can be retrofitted into any style of existing home. It offers not only convenience, but unparalleled security and peace of mind.
Peace of mind is a little harder to define, and is often thrown around to the point of being a cliché. A friend of mine, Martin Turczynowicz, runs A.o.A Fire & Safety. A leader in commercial alarm systems, they recently expanded into the residential field.
Total Home Security home security

WiFi panel for your home alarm system


Martin explains:
“Our commercial clients expect their fire alarm systems to operate every single time. Without fail. So when we decided to offer residential alarm systems, we partnered with Guardian Advanced Solutions. This allowed us to bring commercial quality protection into residential homes.
Our innovative “big picture” approach to home protection will save you money. Your insurance costs will be lower. Plus, we protect your home against threats which are usually ignored by other alarms. We manage to do this by leveraging smart home technology.”

Home Security via The Total Home Protection Kit

They have based their Total Home Protection Kit on the Honeywell Lynx L5210 touchscreen alarm panel. The system includes
  • Two door and window contacts
  • A motion detector
  • Smoke AND Carbon Monoxide detector
  • A flood sensor
  • A freeze sensor

All sensors are wireless for ease of installation and future modification. This allows the home owner a level of future proofing their home alarm.

The T.H.P.K. is a security system monitored through WiFi and accessible 24/7 world wide through an app. It sends real time updates to the home owners' phone and the monitoring station. This ensures that the owner knows what's going on, no matter where they are.  
Door sensors and motion detectors are the first line of defense against break ins. This technology has been available for decades. Current iterations can ignore nuisance alarms such as shadows and most pets. The alarm panel, with it's wireless sensors, permits you to expand and customize the system. This allows the owner to protect every potential entry point into the home.

Expanded Protection to Suit Your Requirements

Home owners can add an extra layer of perimeter protection through the use of WiFi cameras. These integrate into the system through the app. WiFi cameras are much less costly than DVR-based systems, while offering comparable protection. These cameras are becoming a staple in Winnipegers' home security systems.
Home alarm camera

WiFi Camera to help secure your home

Triggered by motion, the cameras record and upload video clips to cloud based servers. Cloud based storage prevents intruders from damaged or stealing the video storage equipment. This is a shortcoming which many DVR based systems can not address.

Central Station Monitoring protects your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And not simply from break-ins.

Protection from a variety of threats

Sump pumps have been mandatory in Winnipeg home construction since 1986. While they help prevent sewer backups, a failing sump pump can cause problems as well.
That is why AoA included flood sensors into their system. They provide an early warning system in case of a sump pump failure or an overflow.
Freeze sensors will alert you if the temperature in the home approaches 0 Celsius. This will warn you that your  heating system has failed long before your pipes have a chance to freeze.
Similar functionality is available through a connected Z-Wave thermostat. Please note that this will not net the same savings on an insurance policy. By connecting both the thermostat and freeze sensor to your alarm system, you can track AND control the ambient temperature.
Most homes now have at least one smoke alarm per floor and one carbon monoxide detector in the building. The smoke alarms in most homes operate on an ionization principle. Although prone to false alarms, it is an excellent way to detect early incipient fires.
Smoke alarm sensors

Smoke detector for your home alarm system

AoA creates a redundant fire protection system within your home. They manage this by pairing their system with a monitored Honeywell photoelectric detector. This detector includes intelligent false-alarm prevention technology.

If CO levels reach warning levels, the CO detector will alert the monitoring station. Even if there is a gas leak while the home owner is asleep, (and most vulnerable) help will be dispatched.
Security Systems provide Insurance Savings
The peace of mind provided by the Total Home Protection kit comes with an added benefit. Savings on home insurance costs.
Home Insurance companies offer discounts for:
  • Break In Protection
  • Damage by freezing
  • Damage from flooding
  • CO leaks
  • Damage from fire
As a home owner, you can maximize your insurance savings by protecting your home against all these common threats. The AoA Fire & Safety “T.H.P.K.” does exactly that.
Smart homes are the future, and in the future your home works for you.
Special offer: Contact Martin of AoA Fire & Safety at (204) 999-5081 or Email Him
Mention this article and receive a $200 discount off the Total Home Protection Kit. Regular Price: $658 CAD (Monitoring fees are extra)

F.A.Q. about Home Security Systems

Q:  Are home security system costs tax deductible?
A:  While it is always best to check with a knowledgable tax accountant in your area, costs of home security systems installation and monitoring may indeed be tax deductible.  In cases where the home owner runs a home based business, for example, which requires him to maintain and protect client information and personal data, a security system may be required.  Such home businesses might include accountants, tax preparers and book keepers, real estate agents and more.
Q:  Does a home protection system have to be monitored?
A:  While the owner is able to purchase and install homesecurity systems which are ‘local' alarms, in order to take advantage of home insurance discounts, (in most cases) the system must be monitored.  Please check with your local insurance companies and regulations.

Q: Is it possible to install a security system into a highrise apartment or condo?

A:  Yes. As the sensors are wireless and can be attached without the use of screws, installing the alarm system sensors will not leave lasting damage in your home. The panel has an optional desk mount so it can be installed without being permanently wired in.

Q:  Is it possible to get pet-proof alarm systems?

A:  While motion detectors have made advances in pet detection, larger breeds of dog (over 50lbs) and particularly active cats will still cause false alarms. In pet-friendly households it's best to use a modern acoustic glass break detector, which has the ability to monitor a wide area as it picks up the sound of breaking glass.

Q:  What are my options for an alarm system in my rural home which has spotty Wi-Fi service?

A:  Monitoring can be done over cellular infrastructure with an LTE module.

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