Selling Your Rural Home; 4 Upgrades For A Faster Sale

Selling Your Rural Home

Moving to a rural home is a great way to increase your purchasing power and get away from crowded cities. Rural homes like those in Lynn Creek also offer excellent connection routes, meaning you can still pop into town if you need to make a major purchase.  However, when it comes time to selling your rural home, you may find an underwhelming amount of interest.

This is largely due to house-buyer fears about connectivity, security, and local amenities.

As a seller, you can alleviate these fears by making a few simple upgrades before you list your home.


Connectivity to internet

Tip #1 to selling your rural home: Make sure its got great internet connection

Remote working has given millions of people the opportunity to move out of the city and into rural towns or villages. However, the folks who are interested in remote working from a rural location will only be interested in your property if they are certain that they will have secure, consistent access to the internet.

You can improve internet access at your rural home by investing in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology. FWA technology is a type of 5G or 4G that uses radio waves to provide internet access. This can turn your digital desert into a wifi-hotspot without the need for infrastructure changes at your property.

Show off your wifi speeds by installing popular smart home features. Devices like video doorbells and smart light bulbs are a “must-have” for many home buyers and can be a real boon on your listing. Buyers moving from the city are far more likely to choose your property if you install a few smart devices and features like smart thermostats may even reduce the energy bill at your home.


Home Security

Selling your rural home is easier if you have a good home security system

Rural living is supposed to be stress-free and easy-going. However, in reality, crime is more likely to occur in rural areas. Recent reports from Statistics Canada show that rural areas report 7,033 incidents per 100,000 population compared to urban areas which report just 4,919 per 100,000.

This means that home buyers may be concerned about moving to rural areas due to the increased likelihood of “assaults, mischief, and incidents related to disturbing the peace.” As a home-seller, you can ease prospective buyers' fears by taking security concerns seriously.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

Start by re-evaluating your current security systems. Many systems are now out of date and need to be upgraded to include automated software.

Smart security home systems include sensors that can identify movement and alert you to folks who come to your door. You can install a few security cameras around the property, too, and link their recordings to your phone. Consider installing some outdoor lighting, too, as low light can put off potential criminals and help home buyers feel more secure.


Selling Your Rural Home selling your rural home

Landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your home and set your listing apart from similar properties. Some landscaping solutions are cost-effective, too. You don't necessarily have to bring in a crew of earth-moving machinery to make your outdoor space look fantastic.

If you have a large plot of land, focus on improving the area immediately outside your backdoor. It's unreasonable to landscape every inch of your property when you want to sell soon, but you can make the first dozen yards look and feel like a well-maintained garden area. Start with landscaping on a budget with simple tasks like:

  • Touch up your lawn edging
  • Plant a few annuals that will be in bloom around the time you list your home
  • Use outdoor rugs to bring tired patios back to life
  • Transform old timber sleepers into seating
  • Use bamboo screening to block unsightly areas of your outdoor space

A few intentional changes can bring your garden to life and help buyers imagine themselves in your home. If you have the funds available, consider bringing in a professional landscaper to help you make major design changes that involve moving earth or constructing new outdoor areas.


Selling Your Rural Home selling your rural home

Folks who buy rural houses are usually looking for their dream home. They love the idea of cabins, hot tubs, writing rooms, or home gym garages and will pay a premium for properties that accommodate their dreams.

However, before you break ground on an en-suite or build a new barn, consider bringing in a team of professional construction contractors. You cannot afford to inadvertently damage your property when you are ready to sell. A team of professionals can reduce the chance of failure by leveraging construction risk management software. This will assess your plans based on the 107 risks involved with every construction project and minimize costly errors.

Selling Your Rural Home: Conclusion

Selling your rural home can be a challenge. Some buyers are put off by connectivity issues, while others may be worried about crime in the area. You can alleviate these worries by securing your home with FWA wifi and installing a few smart security features. Consider landscaping if you have some time before your house goes on the market and focus on features that will attract urban buyers.

Selling Your Rural Home selling your rural homeAbout the Publisher

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