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KeystoneMatrix MLS listings: How to read them

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If you are a buyer looking to purchase a house in Winnipeg, and are working with a real estate agent, you are probably receiving new MLS listings from your REALTOR® via KeystoneMatrix®. That is the real estate search program being used by your real estate professional.  In a previous post, we looked at how to use Keystone Matrix®to your best advantage.

How to read the MLS listings

Home buyers are well advised to work with their own agent when searching for a new homes for sale in Winnipeg.  There are a ton of reasons to do so, and no advantage to ‘going it alone’.  There are a number of reasons for working with your own agent, such as:

  • You save time
  • You get unbiased support
  • Increase in convenience
  • Have a professional in YOUR corner

And you receive the list of new homes for sale, as soon as they are posted, for example these luxury homes in Winnipeg.  

Once you get the available homes list, however, they tend to be full of abbreviations and confusing real estate terminology.  So here is a 10-minute video tutorial about how to read and decipher those new MLS listings (MLS= Multiple Listing Service) which you are receiving.


And if you are NOT yet working with your own agent, and are serious about buying a house or a condo in Winnipeg, please call me anytime…..I love to help.   Direct cell is (204) 333-2202…. Bo Kauffmann



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